Firing my imagination!

Imagination is a part and parcel of everyday existence. Ideas, creativity and imagination form a package which would make a person extremely innovative in daily life. Where does one not need imagination? Well, I needed it in the most uncommon place. I needed it to fill my PS diary.

The first announcement about the existence of a PS diary made me laugh out loud. (omg I actually wrote it fully!! Then my perception of a diary immediately led me and many others to thoughts of it being an official personal diary. It didnt make any sense. But the very next sentence by our professor cleared doubts. Its not a personal diary. Its a PS diary.

After a gruelling first day I sat down sincerely to pen my diary. Honestly, I wrote everything I could remember. I continued my hardwork till the end of the orientation session only to discover the nature of checking on behalf of our instructor. With ten copies of the yellow book piled up in front of him, he merely autographed each page without even glancing at the contents. “Damn! What a waste of time and ink!”, I thought.

The real problem turned out to be after that. With days of no work and just lazing around in our crowded dormitory, filling up the Ps diary became impossible. The pages started appearing a mile long and seemed endless. With only the task of signing everyday in the attendence register being done, it was impossible to fill the 14-15 lines of each page of the diary. Thats when my imagination was required.

So a day before the mid semester evaluation, I opened the book and thought hard. My first lines always remained “We went and signed at 10:00 am today.”Then sentences in different tenses, past and present, active and passive voices with flowery words and articulate english in the maximum possible words which all meant the same were written. “We met the Chief Engineer today. The chief enginner was met by us in the morning today. We met him for a long time like an hour and thirty seven minutes and twenty eight seconds. The room was air conditioned. It smelled of stale air though. Reckon, he should keep the windows open or use a fragrant room freshner each morning. The coffee cups had made brown rings on the otherwise clean table. He should use table mats to prevent that.Curtains look unwashed. What is the housekeeping department doing?” Get the idea??

And so on my diary was written. Same sentences, excessive elaboration, imaginative conversations and some conjured up work, formed my PS diary. I laughed at my penmanship. God! if anyone reads this..they’ll probably think Im imbecile!
But that wasn t a problem at all. No one read it. Including me. I had no heart to read the worst of my literary creations. The instructor? Oh, God bless him. He autographed the pages heartily and gave me decent marks.
I actually began considering writing some more interesting happenings around me, like the recent engagement of a fellow dorm mate or the more curious disappearance of my cat friends. Slowly and steadily, I improved. Wrote about some imaginative work, more interestingly wrote about the activity in the aviary(which was much more than mine) or about the doings of the aquarium fishes if one tapped the glass. (one of them would actually shoot upward vertically).The crowd of cats near the dustbins or even the steady progress of the tulips,the steady decrease in the mangoes on the trees or the number of banana trees springing up rapidly also found space in the diary. I amused myself writing it. The rains and the strong wind took up a few more lines with the ripping apart of curtains and shattering of window panes (I made those up) completing my page.

Then one day a gruff co-instructor( not mine..other PS station’s..dunno why she came.!!) told me to mention the out time also. I laughed inside. No problem.
So my diary ended rather abruptly to my disapproval but made it all the more funnier. I made it a norm not to exceed the limit of a page to keep my imagination in check.
“The sparrow pecked at the wire unsuccessfully before the wind upturned the earthen pot over it spilling the grains and giving it a food shower. We signed out at 4pm.”


6 thoughts on “Firing my imagination!

  1. u wrote all tht? nra shudve been u’re instr.. “please be professional in ur approach,u cannot expect us to do chowkidar duties, u shud come on time n not leave b4 5, avoid casual wear, this is not ur personal diary, dont write in any language u want blah blah” 🙂

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