The End

Im certain Im one of the many who would be writing about the end of our Practice school this weekend.Yes, its the end of another summer albeit, a very different one. Different people posted to different PS stations, related or unrelated to their choice of subjects, different organizations with different work ethics, different places are indeed a treasure of experience; not only for those working there but also for the people who interact with them. I enjoyed knowing so much about places and people, many of whom I didnt know existed.

This summer has indeed been an exposure. From the skeptical thoughts about engineering practice schools stations in hospitals to the last day when our seminar was over, it has been a journey. Not only professionally but also personally. There were so many people one would interact with. Right from the morning, when one would get up and head groggily to the bathrooms to the nights when the lights would be turned off, it was just new experiences one after the other, both sad and happy, anxious and gleeful, disappointing and thrilling. It was a rollercoaster ride.

Now that my Ps is over and I look back, I feel it was a time I would cherish. Yes, the hostel was new and bad. I had never been in a dormitory before. Sharing a room with 20 others is very different from just having another room mate. One needs to be careful with one’s stuff, keys need to be safely kept, mobiles need to be in hand, cupboards should be always locked and what not. But it taught me the lesson of responsibility. Being a totally hopeless person when it came to handling my clothes, the need to wash it by oneself and the other nitty gritties of it being clean and hygenic sprang to my mind. I can proudly claim, I have improved.
The lifestyles of others, the need to adjust, the solace of sitting all by yourself on the terrace enjoying the breeze,listening to music late in the night, the joy of watching dark rain clouds and the smell of the wet mud(manvasanai..dunno the exact term in english),the gentle sea breeze, the long queues for the bathrooms and ultimately giving up, the luxury of reading all the day lying down, exchanging books and giving comments, spoiling the story by revealing the plot to get thrashed, listening to multiple telugu movie stories,the pleasure of waking up and sleeping whenever one wanted to,the fun of bunk beds and climbing up and down with late night chats, the rigors of washing clothes :(, watching planes take off and land and guessing their destinations, watching the giant clock on the hospital through the night and waking up friends in the morning to recieve angry was all a complete package.

I had the advantage of not having to travel. (thankfully…because travelling would have been the biggest hassle). It was simply great to get up at 9:45 and just go and sign in the attendence register, then rush back to the hostel and sleep. I worked in the afternoons and mostly from my dorm itself. I met so many people, doctors, engineers,ward boys, nurses etc etc. People I would not have interacted with so closely.Their behaviour, their anxiety, their work culture was all so different.Their worry about a patient or the crucial conversations between doctors in the elevators made our problems look so inconsequential. They deal with life and death. They give new lease of life to people. They bring back smiles on everyone’s face. It is enormous responsibility and they carry it off with elan. A hospital is a different world and I realized it needs maximum love, tolerance and patience. The anxious relatives pacing outside operation theatres or the joy of birth of a baby, the need to console patients and even the happiness of a complete cure, it would all resonate in the hospital. I simply enjoyed being a part of it. The pleasure of having your second year project getting implemented is immense. It was so enthralling to have the senior administration take you so seriously. I was glad it wasnt another computer oriented project I had. My exemplary performances in the college courses ( I am being extremely sarcastic!) had pushed the idea of programming far away from my mind.

Then again, I must count myself lucky to have a PS instructor who was firstly new to this job, secondly, had no inkling of tamil and knew absolutely nothing about his task at hand. We tried our best not to push him around ( I mention “tried”..) and the components of the PS (the funniest being my diary) were a breeze. (OMG I just remembered I have to write my diary till 16th…n I seriously have no clue what to include for today! )

I was again fortunate to have a room so high up in a building. I had the panoramic view of the entire city. From my window, I watched a city wake up, work and sleep. The thundering of buses, the busy roads, the brilliant night lights to the occasional was just beautiful. Im going to miss all that.

But the pains of being away from home were always there. The fact that people could actually work from home or get back there every night did pinch every one of us in the hostel.It wasnt homesickness, it was just a plain desire to meet folks at home. It stung us hard esp. on the days we had minimal work. The countdown to the 17th July had started from 24th of May itself. Probably, I wouldnt have had as much freedom or fun at home. But home is home.

In the end, I must admit, the words of our PS dean echo in my head ” First exposure to work culture”. It was much more than that. It showed me the life outside the sheltered cocoon of a child or a student.A prelude to the big , bad world as they say. It made me realize that I am really fortunate to lead the life the way I am and I decided to enjoy every nanosecond of my years as a student.

I frankly dont know if Im complaining. Despite my troubles and difficulties, I can proudly say that I enjoyed myself. After some of the accounts of other ps stations from my friends, I have no qualms in saying I was darn lucky. Lucky to be where I was, lucky to be how I was and lucky to have had my PS the way it was. Im not arguing about the amount of work I had or the living conditions. Perhaps my other PS mates would percieve otherwise, but it was simply too good for me.

Anyways,I can’t wait to get back home! ( Im missing whisky 😛 )


2 thoughts on “The End

  1. duh , u have no reason to complain !! cept mebbe that hostel of urs 😛 … dream ps u had.. no attendance, n indiferrent instructor … also helped unleash ur creativity (in diaries of course ) ..wat more cud one want !!

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