Picture Paw-fect!

Warning: This would be most enjoyable if read by animal lovers. (esp. dog lovers).

My love for dogs goes back as far as I can remember. We always had a dog. I was born into a family of nature lovers ( dogs, cats, squirrels, birds and even a huge collection of exquisite plants..u name it and we would have it). Our huge garden area permitted my mom and sis to indulge freely into their natural pursuits. I eventually was a part of it all. Not by choice, but I grew to love it.

When I was born, Blackie ( our country dog and my sister’s first love) was already a part of our family. He did not accept me at first, what with the barking and growling but later understood that I was a part of the Chandrasekhar family and not an outsider. He began to love me. he protected me fiercely when I crawled about and did not even allow an ant to come near. All these of course are accounts of what my parents and sis have told me. What I remember is very vague. I remember just a huge black dog who loved to play with me. My next dog was fluffy, a white pomeranian who was a dog I (very surprisingly ) did not adore. Yes, its strange, I did not like fluffy. Maybe its because he chewed up my favorite teddy bear or used to chase me around the house when I didnt want to run, but fluffy was not one of my favorites.

All this is long back. It is about the times when I wasnt even a decade old. But as I grew older, my love for dogs grew immense. So one fine morning, during my summer vacation I pestered and brain washed my mum for a dog. I needed to promise a lot of things. She told me it was a lot of responsibility. She told me it was like having a baby in the house.But she agreed to take the risk with me incharge. I jumped and celebrated all the way to the kennel to pick up my pup. That day, 7th May 1999, is the happiest day of my life!

And so, Whisky entered my life. (dont finch at the name..it wasnt my choice!). My life revolved around him. It does so even today, but circumstances force me to stay away from him most of the time. He was a 600gm, white ball of fur who slept soundly on my palm. That car journey back home was the most peaceful one I was going to have in the years to come.

Then I realized what my mother meant. Pups are not as easy to handle as they seem. Toilet training was the biggest hassle.I used to wake up to find my entire bedroom converted into a mega-toilet . Cleaning my room, early morning walks and feeding him with injection bottles (he was too tiny to drink on his own), or spooning cerelac, making his bed comfortable, protecting him from ticks and lice, ensuring he had his share of play, keeping soft toys and chappals out of the way, keeping him off the carpet and sofas ( which he loved!) or the painful trips to the vet for his shots. Whew! It ate up my entire time. But I simply enjoyed it. As he grew up, which was fun watching, it was even more enjoyable.
Leaving his doggy traits apart, his welcome when I used to get back from school, his mary-had-a-little-lamb act of following me wherever he went, his genuine concern for peace when fights broke out in the house, his curling up on my pillow, his tapping the pen when I wasnt giving him attention and doing homework instead or his football games were such stress busters, I never knew how my school years passed by.

His activities are fun to watch. The way he chases off the birds, or chases small dogs away, the way he befriends cows and squirrels, plays with cats not knowing he is supposed to shoo them off.. it is so brilliant. It also means frequent tummy upsets, galleons of gripe water spooning, weekly vomits, occasional fever and even cold sometimes. Bath times include warm water( double checked for the temperature), medicated shampoos, towelling, hair drying, brushing, powdering and winters are full of tiny dog sweaters, ear muffs, woollen socks and warm blankets. It is so much fun doing it all.
Today, whisky is grown up and total fun to be with. He is the only reason I hate to go back to college or leave home even for a minute. He still follows me everywhere I go. His beautiful eyes make you forget the rest of the world and your tensions. His innocent face is just the thing you’d want to look at after dealing with the corrupt and bad bad world.

Sometimes when Im in the flashback mode, I still wonder how my life was before whisky!! He truly makes my life paw-fect!


5 thoughts on “Picture Paw-fect!

  1. lol @oink
    ya dogs r so damn adorable (ive told u a million times!) n hey so sad na my mum will never let me hav one as long as i belong to this house! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. lolest @Oink!
    @giz: What hap to the lab robbery??? I guess if u do turn up with a pup n refuse to give it up..they’ll have no other choice. ( Else, you can always adopt one at goa..tho we’ll need to find a clean one !!)

  3. lab robbery not gonna work out man.. they’ll ask me 2 giv it up evn whn i come home with the cute lil pup in ma hand ๐Ÿ˜ฆ lifes unfair at times u kno ..

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