The cat is finally out of the bag!

This blog is long. It aims at addressing two issues. Both of which happened on the same day.

The first: Mountain out of a molehill!
Yesterday was the day the seventh and over hyped ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was released. I completed reading it and I must say Im terribly disappointed. The entire book was preceded with me surfing through numerous forums, websites and of course revisions of the earlier books ( I didnt read the first…too kiddish I thought). All in vain. The seventh book is by far Rowling’s biggest let down..probably after the fifth.The mystery is over. The cat is out of the bag.

This blog is not aimed at revealing the plot or the ending. ( I woudnt want to waste anyone’s huge investment in the book). All I can marvel is at the single most powerful force in this planet today that is gripping the world, that can make mountains of molehills, that can make important issues disappear from people’s minds or create icons in the minds of people – the media.

Weeks before its release the media generated such a frenzy that people who had sworn not to read any more harry potters were forced to take out their old copies and brush up their basics. No, Im not talking about children. It shocked me when my mum asked me herself about the story and expressed desire to be acquainted with all the characters. In fact, my parents were more keen than I was to know if the boy wizard lived or was killed. The answer again is not a part of this blog.

I must admit to one thing. The timing of the books were such that it matched with my own growing up. I grew up with Harry Potter. Yes, maybe a couple of years here and there ( because she brings out books every alternate year). I got a chance to be one of the first to read the plot and know. Never again will the suspense be so great. I got a chance to be a part of the whole “pottermania” and finish the books on the days of their release. (Apart from the first three).It did cause considerable excitement and reading fervour.

My opinion of the book is not very favourable. The epilogue reminded me of Ekta Kapoor’s serials and I actually did not believe Rowling had written it. Its not a child’s book as its pretty gory and its not for adults. Its just the seventh book to tie up the endings.

I really dont know if Rowling will continue to write. (She has laid the groundwork for further books..) But sorry to say ma’am, Im out of the race. Im done with Harry Potter.

The second issue: Madam President

India has elected a new president. A woman president. People call it the victory of Indian Principles. They call it a great step in the improvement of women’s condition. Is it so?
I again beg to differ. This dabbling into women’s issues always brings out the feminist in me. ( which has led to lots of arguments in the TRW classes..!!)

Will Pratibha Patil’s ascent to the top office really help women? The answer is a straight no. Will the saree-clad, Oh-Im-so-Indian image of this president really going to uplift the downright degraded condition of women? Will a woman’s presence in the top office and as the supreme commander of the three forces stop rapes, murders,foetus-killings and give more respect to women? NO. Its just the safest cover the goverment can employ to ensure a puppet sits in the top office as well and there will be no bills sent back owing to usage of own brains. Its the blatant truth. Pratibha Patil was pulled out of relative obscurity and thrust into the media glare just because she would act like a puppet to the goverment’s orders. The Prime Minister is already one. Its sad to see the President also becoming one. Its all deep politics. The feminism is only a way to keep the critics shut out.

Im not against a woman handling the top position, its just that she isnt the one. What India needs is a modern can-think-for-herself, will-do-what-she-likes kind of a woman to lead. After all, arent they the superwomen of this era who juggle both careers and personal lives? Arent they the people who manage both homes and offices, take time out for themselves and at the same time not forget the traditions and values? As far as the emancipation of women is concerned, the solution lies in schools where the mindset of the youngsters is set, in the media (movies, books) in which the youngsters are most interested (someone ask bollywood to stop treating women as sex symbols..clad in absolute nothing most of the time!) or even at home where the child notices the way his/ her mom and other women in the house are treated.After all, women are matching up. They have proved time and again that nothing actually redeems them incapable.

Im not a person who dabbles much into poiltics. But such wrong notions of such a president improving the condition of women is so disheartening. Its again the media. I never knew who she was until maybe she was considered for presidency. Today she is the symbol of modern India. Sheesh!


9 thoughts on “The cat is finally out of the bag!

  1. hahaha.. like both the parts.. madam president is gonna b a big disappointment jus like she-who-created-he-who-must-not-be-named.. 😛

  2. all this abt a woman president therefore women emancipation is bull.. its jus a symbol to show we’re ok with having a woman in the top office.. of course, a strong loyalty to the gandhi family doesnt hurt..bah.. oh n i must confess most presidents of india ive heard off only after they assumed office :S
    and nice epithet giz has given jkr 😛

  3. @giz: I love the one 😀
    @rip: At least people are ok with a female boss in the office!I must say kudos to that!Yep the eptihet rox..I guess if giz permits Im gonna call her that. 😛

  4. aaah so u wont read hp anymore ? iv alread begun a revision 😛
    n yea .. the president is certainly no awe-inspiring personality… basically it hardly matters who is the president, just ceremonial .. but in this case, its unscrouplous bills like the OoP ( office of profit ) which stand no chance of gettin vetoed
    😦 .. Kalam shall be missed.

  5. @oink: I said I wont read any further books if published. These will be re-read 😀 . Lol 😀

  6. aiyo, mad! @oink
    ya ill miss kalam 😦 last day at office 2day (sterday actly, its past 12) for him ..

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