Just the Beginning…

Yes, its that time of the year again. New classes, new subjects and a brand new semester. Beginning of the semester is a roller coaster ride in itself. From the lingering homesickness, to the delight of meeting up friends, from the tedious process of settling rooms and cupboards, to the pleasure of free time to catch up on stuff that happened suring vacations, its all too much fun. Yes, the fifth semester has indeed begun. One can make that out by the repetitive reminding of all teachers. ” You are in THIRD year now”. ‘ So what man! We can go from second to third only nah!’

Ah subjects. First of all, im not able to differentiate one subject from the other. I guess the profs also know that. They shoot googly’s like tell me the difference between heat transfer and thermodynamics. With a totally empty brain (all contents drained out in the hols), it just refuses to think. Instead I gaze at the dark clouds outside (oooh) only to be woken up by the whirring of the projector and thuds of pens n notebooks.

The weather. Wow..its raining. Its raining incessantly ever since I returned back to campus. The room seems all damp. Nothing seems to dry. Venturing out without an umbrella seems catastrophic. (I have been drenched to the bone four times already and that too inside the walkways!!!) Its beautiful. Dark clouds, thunder and no sunlight. Its my favourite kind of season. Oh man! I love monsoons.

Hmm its time for breakfast now. (If I dont get to stand in excessively long queues .. a result of new admissions to our campus..) I need to start concentrating a bit on what the teacher has to say and probably read at least the introduction of my textbooks. (Not to maintain a glazed appearance next time and be touted a fool!) But the very thought seems so boring.Hell! I might just watch a movie!!!


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