SKeptical to the core..!

SK, Kichu or him what you want, but he is unavoidable. Cynical, depressing and absolutely negative, his main aim seems to be to discourage a student in every way possible. Worse, if he/she is a Chemical Engineer in the making.

Destined to be a Chemical Engineer, my encounter with this dementor-ish personality happened right in the first semester. Thermodynamics. That was what he taught. ( I think its the only thing he knows too…because now two years later, he is still teaching the same thing!) Tall, handsome (not very..but still a shade better) and extremely smart, one is definitely taken over by his presence, but it lasts only till he begins to speak. The rest of the time, one feels like the happiness is being drained out of him/her like someone unplugged a drain valve. Life seems to be very tough, an extremely uphill task and the few innocent pleasures like indulging in an ice-cream seem to become an extreme financial liability on our parents. We do need ice-creams to recover from his class. ( Or just like Lupin explained…even a chocolate might do!)

Today as I sat through yet another of his droning about thermodyamics and beating about the bush, my mind wandered. ( I have perfected the art of looking extremely interested in class and not hearing a single word of what he is saying). I thought about the reason his being so cynical. Well, what he said was not wrong. We needed to mould our futures now. But again, when his talk goes something like ” You all are landing up in a local glass factory..earning a meagre 2000 bucks a month” , one cant resist the temptation to punch him right in the face. Okay, he was warning. Warning about how life might become if we take it too lightly. But he forgot, he was the one who could also inspire. He was the one who could lead the way. (Wait a minute, I dont want to hear about his English exploits anymore or even the functioning of boilers in London..). But no, he chose to scare. He chose to think about funerals when he smelt the flowers. After all, its our choice, I thought.

Yes, this blog might seem philosophical (or maybe the wanderings of a young adult), but life is all about making choices aint it? ( Even Dumbledore said so!) Life throws the same amount of happiness, sorrow, struggle or even uncertainities in everyone’s way. Its what we choose to think about all the time. Its about keeping ourselves happy. Its about encouraging. About telling people (esp. students) that they can make it happen. They can achieve everything and anything in life. I began to notice the path and pattern of all my professors (believe me, its better than the stuff they are teaching.) Some are positive, some are negative. One develops the same vibes about the subject as well. The attitude matters. In fact, I think its the only thing which counts.
I have always tried my best to remain cheerful. I dont know why though..but I think its a good thing. Criticism ( apart from those of my friends) just bounces off me. But I have made up my mind. Im never going to the depths of negativity. Its scary. Almost like a black hole. Everyclass of his makes me feel depressed. Whew! perhaps this blog is written in its hangover only!

All I can say is, I have met the depression personified …and believe me you dont want to meet him. 🙂
PS: Im glad im not meeting him until monday!


5 thoughts on “SKeptical to the core..!

  1. “Dementor” is the word!! I wish he could see the other way of motivating the students to work. Make sure the blackhole doesn’t suck you in!! 😀

  2. ah yes negativity suxxest!! phew all P1 ppl must stock up on chocolate(at least the ones who attend classes). lucky nescafe is givim them free with their lemonade now eh?! 😀

  3. @sindhuja: Im trying to stay out of it…im not taking in a word of what he says!
    @giz: Thnks a ton
    @rip: ARE THEY??? oh man! I havent been to nescafe this sem! Monginis seems so much more economical for coffee (the drink of the season..:D )I’ll chk it out rite away!

  4. Too heavy a post .. unable to think … i aint turnin into a troll, am i?

    inclined to agree with sindhuja on this one though … dementor quite about sums him up !

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