Common cold. Extremely common and in fact a way of life for me. I nowadays cant imagine spending half the year without catching a cold. The worst part is…there aint any cure! what is it about me that the cold viruses seem to love? Any dip in temperatures, sudden weather change or even the transition from the non-ac labs to the ac classrooms is bait enough for the common cold to come rushing to me. When everyone just catches mild coughs and prolly slight colds, i dont. I get the full versions, complete with the three day sequence of throat ache-cold+fever+headache(worst day) -cough. But the irony is it doesnt last just for three days. My worst bout has lasted upto 4 months! GAWD! Why dont they have medicine for it!
The cold medicines in the market frankly do no good. Its like shooing it away for a while, n then it comes back with greater impact. They say “If u take medicines it takes a week to cure and without, seven days! ” Very true. My resistances for common cold are perhaps the weakest in human history. Can u believe? A simple lemonade or guava gives me a cold!

My case is so famous among the medical fraternity of my dad’s organization, the doctors have debated over various medications which I could take to boost my immunity. The one they zeroed upon, gave me a horrible cold the very next day!!!! Lol. So precaution is the only key is what they told. Its the only thing repeated to me wherever I went. But alas! I think im not upto the mark in that respect.

Be it Chennai, Goa or Dehradun my stay anywhere is marked with a 15 day bout of cold. The cold is also so fabulous in its timing that it comes exactly a day before a debate, or any oratorical contest. Or rather the very Murphy-like situation of being having to talk the most when u cant get the voice out of your throat strikes me too often. In fact, cold is also the main reason for my failure in the field of music. For days, my cold used to prevent me from singing, (not that I sang well…but it sounded positively like braying when i had one!) and the need to wipe my nose or the frequent sneezing (for which u needed to close your eyes) made me lose track of the note i was playing.Lol.
Another thing I always wondered was why is it called cold? It doesnt make you cold in anyway. In fact the breath becomes so hot, you feel u swallowed a coal fire. Fever makes the body behave like a hot plate and nothing about it is cold (or remotely cool). According to me, it should be called hot. (Well, now I think of it, the usage of Hot instead of cold in sentences would be simply hilarious!)
I know most of the people reading this post would be wondering why they ever chose to read this in the first place.Kinda depressing as well…reading abt the misdoings of a tiny miscroscopic virus and its macroscpic effects. Well well, lucky are those who dont catch a cold easily!

So much for the cold. I mean it visits me ever so frequently, I wanted to dedicate one post to this dear virus friend of mine. Im sure I’ll write about better things in the future.

PS: Why is it that I lose my hankies on a daily basis? Again..Mr.Murphy hats off to you!


5 thoughts on “Aaaachoooo!

  1. WORST THING THIS COLD !!!! fortunately i dun get it much πŸ˜€ though of course once i get it, its another matter , lasts a minimum of 1.5 months 😦 .. had it for 5 months once lol
    Too bad u seem to have a magnetic effect on the microbes lol ..nice post

  2. hehe…some people have such an attractive personality that even cold doent leave them.
    but i must say u are an exception. πŸ˜›
    wash ur hands more often and cold will stay away.

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