Ohhh GAWD!

Embarrasment. The feeling of ‘Wish-I-could-vapourize-right-now’. How many times have we felt like just vanishing into thin air when we have possibly attracted the attention of others for something we didnt want to??

That awful feeling when your shoes go squeak-squeak in a pin-drop silent library causing others to look up in anger or frustration, or worse when at the station your bag’s zip gives way(when you are rushing to catch a train). How many times have I been through the situation of happily cursing someone, totally unaware that the person is right behind me ? The lovely experience of tripping on the stairs of the stage when you are about to recieve a prize and the whole audience roars with laughter, or worse when you slip and fall into a nice squishy puddle of mud when you are in your white uniform for the Sports Day drill. Life it seems is full of such embarrasing experiences. The uh-oh situation of wishing someone on his/her birthday earlier than usual or when you actually tell someone ” It took me so long to finally remember your birthday is on 9th and not 11th” only to be corrected that “It is on 11th”.
Embarassment it seems has no end for me. The situation of walking into the mess in casuals ( shorts and T-shirt) only to be welcomed by a fully dressed up crowd looking at you or the very awkward moment of being seen when you dont want to by the maximum number of people, is something I encounter most frequently. Or be the case when you are busily drawing funny pictures or deciphering obscene scribblings on the benches when the teacher is right behind you and smiling. Ever woken up in class only to find 40 odd faces staring at you?? Ah! join the club.

Be it watching the “wrong” movie with parents or worse when a music channel airs an obscene video before one can actually switch channels, embarassment follows you everywhere. Not to forget my extra special typos which give a totally different meaning to what Im saying or pasting the wrong message in the wrong window.

But I guess, there is no fun without embarassment. It sure makes good entertainment.
Embarrasing oneself is an art. ( And Im rather good at it! 😉 )


9 thoughts on “Ohhh GAWD!

  1. omg yes….i totally identify with that library situation..seems to me that everytime i am wearing heels..i end up making at least one visit to the library…
    waise..very nice topic…hehe

  2. hey…one embarrassing thing tht happened to me last sem is….ma frnd and maself were sitting in far corner beside a window…he wrote his name on the window(it was awesome with a transparent effect) and i was watchin it…..and after writin when we turned the whole class and the teached were staring at me…..sad..we are caught and we were asked to take seminar the next day….lol….

  3. nice topic, n v well written! brings memories of countless “uh-oh ctrl-z, CTRL-Z!!!” moments gushing back 😀

  4. k.. something good to read after a loooong time…nicely written dude.

    embarrassment is something all fear…and hope not to experience.But everyday someway or the other it finds its way in our life..

  5. Gr8 topic !! n nicely written ! lol THE most embarassing thing i usually experience is forgetting ppl’s names … n faces … so its like they will know u in n out but u go .. duh..do i know u ?
    ( note that the more embarassing situations have been convieniently blotted out, cos of course, im too embarassed to reveal them 😛 )

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