Finally!!! The suicidal days are over! The days of the dreaded test 1 have gone past. The days in front are full of events to look forward to n filled with lots of fun. But tests do a lot of things to your life and schedules. A lot.

Firstly, it changes your routine. Mine atleast. Now im comfortable sleeping at 5 am and getting up at 1 pm.(That explains the weird time of posting this blog!!.. 3 am! ) Eating at all times other than the meal times. Easily munching 2 packets of hide and seek without noticing. Suddenly trivia becomes so interesting. The number of hours between 9:30 am and 4 pm seem to matter. New resolutions of studying are made. Class notes are exchanged. Groups of friends discussing methods or terms at 3 am, maggi at 4 am, endless cups of tea and numerous biscuit packets. The DC screen filled with requests for portions of various subjects. Breakfasts include last minute revisions. People walking through walkways engrossed in their notes.

But yes, once its over its simply amazing. It so happened that the finals of the 20-20 Cricket World cup coincided with its ending. Our elected members finally managed to telecast it in the auditorium. Suddenly the last exam didnt matter. India-Pakistan FINAL! Whoa!

The last exam was dismissed in a hurry. All rushed to the auditorium. Everyone. Cricket fan or not. It was the most electrifying atmosphere. Just like a cricket stadium with the added advantage of watching it conveniently on a giant screen. The screams when the sixes were hit or the groans when a wicket was taken, the swearing at the Pakistani cricketers and the cheering of the Indian was an experience in itself. But trust every India-Pak encounter to be most entertaining with the balance of the game swinging dangerously from one side to another. Given the short span of the game, every ball mattered. Every run counted. It all made a difference. The nervous end and the intense celebration when India finally did it!!!! Oh my God!! Its something I would never forget. All danced and cheered. Suddenly cricket was everything. The men in blue were Gods. We danced like crazy. We rejoiced in spirit with the team and the rest of the country. It was celebration like never before and Indian team deserves the audulation.It was the most amazing post test celebrations we’ve had. πŸ˜€

After being high on India’s success for a while, reality dawned. Classes once more, papers to be got back ( omg omg Im shit scared!!) ,lectures to attend (remember the resolves we made during the papers!!??…Groan!!) and lifestyles to be rectified and synced with Indian Standard time. But hey, this is the time I’ve been waiting for. Music, dance and rock nights and not to forget the upcoming ZEPHYR!!! (its the best event of the year!!). Yeahhh..lots to do. Movies to watch, outings to be made.Post exam time is just ecstasy!!!

PS: Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyyo!!! πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Ecstasy

  1. brilliant!!! u read my mind, and how!! πŸ˜€ been meaning 2 write about exact those same things, and i see all those half-baked thoughts so perfectly arranged into words on ur blog πŸ™‚ really well written!!(i know im gushing, guess its the post-nightmare ecstasy :D)

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