Zipping past!

The last month has gone so astonishingly fast, it sometimes makes my head go into a tizzy. When i look back now at the huge abyss between the dates of my last post and this..its like a blackout. Well, it literally was.

We had no power for the majority of the last few weeks and it made a lot of changes to a lot of lifestyles. It made me realize how tremendously dependent we are on electricity. No power meant walking around the campus like never before, basking in the glow from the stars (frankly this is what I did sitting around on the walkways), playing antakshari, kabbadi and what not. The nights were terrible , hot and humid and the days were a shade worse. In fact the power aint back fully here. I have forgotten that our institute buliding was fully air conditioned once! (Right now I have power, touch wood!!!)

Then came Zephyr. We won, albeit it being overshadowed by sweaty humid venues where everyone was just wiping the sweat off their brows. But time flew by.Amidst all the fanning, complaning, excessive bathing and praying for electricity, test 2 has arrived and acads has taken the top priority again. (did i mention trivia?! :P)

Before I know it, test 2 will also end. Then will come Diwali, then pre compre work, compre and then hooray!!! end of another semester. Oh my God…so soon?!