Yin and Yang

The good and the evil. Their co-existence is a must for survival they say. Today I saw how.

Every morning I go for a walk/jog around the campus. That is the time I dearly cherish. Everything is so silent, the wind is so cool and the time just before sunrise when one can see a few stars and a bright horizon is bewitching. I love that walk of mine. It gives me time for myself. Just me.

I encounter a lot of faculty on their morning walks as well. Most of the faculty is not known to me. Today morning a pleasant thing happened. A cute labrador came running towards me. I love dogs. Apart from missing my own dog at home, there are no nice dogs in our campus. Only stray ones, that keep following you around. I petted that dog and played for a few minutes. Wow I thought, what a nice day!!!

A while later I heard someone calling out my name. I turned to see, it was one of my profs. He was gesturing me to come upto him and pointing at something on the ground. I froze. Snakes scare the shit outta me. Maybe it because I have seen a lot of them from my childhood. (Our colony is rather forest-like) or perhaps its the fear of them biting. Whatever it is I get very scared. I yelled back, ” Im scared sir…I dont like snakes”. He still said, “Aree see this. Its beautiful”.

It was a dead diamond back. One of the most poisonous snakes in the country. My third consecutive snake spotting in 3 days. He further added , “Beautiful pattern na on its body” and went on to make some weird movements in the air . He said “Wow” and walked away.

Dog and Snake. My yin and yang. What a start of a day I thought.

The outre episode

I went to the library a couple of days back to return a book I had borrowed. This is a bizarre incident which happened there.

Near the shelves where one could keep their bags (since obviously bags are not allowed in the library), I noticed a graphs and networks textbook lying above the shelf where I deposited my bag. It was a cursory glance. I went ahead to return my book.

When I left the library 5 minutes later, I found my bag heavier than than usual since I had just one notebook in it earlier. I found that someone had put the graphs and networks book in my bag!! Puzzled, and already running 10 minutes late for class, I decided to keep the book in its original place after class.

I returned back to the library an hour later and kept the book back in its exact place. I saw the latest issue of TIME on the desk and went off to read it. I returned half an hour later and picked up my bag and walked off to the hostel chatting with my friend .
I came back to my room only to realize the book was back again in my bag!!!

The Beginning of it all…

Today in my most boring lecture till date..I was reminiscent of my start with the “fun” in my college life. Agreeably, the best semester i have had is the 3rd. It was the lightest and the most enjoyable. The 3rd semester will always have a special place in my heart as that was the semester that introduced me to DC or direct Connect. It changed my life.

Even my current blog name is all a result of my hours spent on DC. I wonder what it would have been like to live without DC..( we all had a preview of it here when there was dearth of power ). Initially i was overwhelmed with the stuff I got on DC. All the movies i wanted to see, all the songs I wanted, any TV serial etc etc. Most of my time would go in checking the file list of other people. Those were the days when LAN wasn’t installed in our new hostel. Hours in the common room ( wi-fi zindabad!) waiting to download movies. Still, it was loads of fun.

Then we hit saturation. I still follow series and other current movies, but I have almost exhausted the old (watchable) stuff.When I had seen all I wanted to see and hear all the songs, I turned to the main chat which was a strict all-boys domain. The very appearance of the girls hostel ip on the ip list would generate enough buzz for lots of unwanted pms (private messaging) and attempts of flirting! I slowly learnt to accept all the swear and gradually began to laugh at them as well. I entered the main chat…and had the most fun I ever could.

Then, I was made admin. Being a admin already shoves you into the spotlight, and being a girl admin…makes you even more (un)popular.After a spree of nicks livewire, sizzle, freak show etc…Full Of Life became my permanent nick. I used to get hate pms, ridiculing and what not…but i didnt care a hoot. I was enjoying myself and most importantly having fun with authority!

Today, DC is my biggest stress buster. Hats off trivia bot! It is always fun to log in to DC and pull someone’s leg or make fun of things in general. DC has also given me some really close friends. FOL is my second name here…( i think more people know me as FOL than my real name!) Though Titan hub no longer exists ( thanks to some censoring by our college authorities!), Woodstock hub (my favorite) is still kick ass!

O creators of P2P software!..you have a fan in me….I’m forever indebted to you!

PS: Not to forget the people who got it to this campus. is my one and only love here!

A Transparent Existence…

Warning: This is a blog written in frustration. Read on at your own risk.

Its that time of the year again. Pre-compre work as I put in my previous post. Now that Im in the middle of it, a new problem has surfaced. Its not complaining about the amount of work or the nature,(surprisingly Im enjoying both) its about a constant brainwash that my class is subjected to.
After four months of attending regular classes and meeting the teachers almost four times a week, one does build up a rapport. Since our class is comprised of 40 odd people, establishing personal relations is not difficult. We have fixed places we like to sit in class, with our favourite desks full of drawings and other swear words and also mostly fixed company. I sit on the second last occupied row in class. I love being a back-bencher.

Over the months, we have discovered the true knowledge and teaching prowess of all our teachers. We know exactly what they can and cannot ( mostly its the latter) the way the class is taken and the questions he/she asks. But the most irritating part of almost all the teachers has surfaced. Favoritism. I agree its normal to love the most regular student who sits right under the teachers nostrils and breathes every word he says. But forgetting the remaining students is something our department has now become famous for.
Fortunately or unfortunately, we have our set of “pro-people” as a BITSian would say. The teacher no longer cares if the others understand the point, they no longer even care if the others have finished copying down what was written, and to top it all, they sneer at the remaining students. They show them down, discourage others and show these 4-5 first benchers as the future greats. Its bearable once, twice but everyday?? and three times a day???? NO!

Since attendence is no longer a choice for us, we have to be there in class to hear them drone about either our seniors or the esteemed first benchers. It is weird as to how our classes proceed. There may be 45 people sitting in the class, but teachers refuse to look or interact beyond the first 5. Everyone realizes this. We happily scribble on benches, talk about some interesting event in the past and try our best to listen.Sometimes its a boon to be ignored. But now that our subjects are not that easy, we do need help. We do need clarification. Its irritating and frustrating to be just sitting there and listening and not being heard even when you want to say or ask something.

After months of running around to complete my project ( a self-inflicted torture I should say) and hours of standing in front of chambers to update on my progress, only to be shooed away each and every time, it is disgusting to hear when the teacher announces in the end that “hey you never met me”. All explanations go in vain. Sometimes one feels so bad, words dont even come out.

Thats what I think I have reduced to. A Transparent existence. All I am is a name on the sheet of paper with a huge identification number preceding my name. But every time this happens, I am more determined, fired up in fact to show these people that its not the first benchers alone, its not only the ones they think are great will prove and do something in life. I will too.

Just wait.