The outre episode

I went to the library a couple of days back to return a book I had borrowed. This is a bizarre incident which happened there.

Near the shelves where one could keep their bags (since obviously bags are not allowed in the library), I noticed a graphs and networks textbook lying above the shelf where I deposited my bag. It was a cursory glance. I went ahead to return my book.

When I left the library 5 minutes later, I found my bag heavier than than usual since I had just one notebook in it earlier. I found that someone had put the graphs and networks book in my bag!! Puzzled, and already running 10 minutes late for class, I decided to keep the book in its original place after class.

I returned back to the library an hour later and kept the book back in its exact place. I saw the latest issue of TIME on the desk and went off to read it. I returned half an hour later and picked up my bag and walked off to the hostel chatting with my friend .
I came back to my room only to realize the book was back again in my bag!!!


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