Yin and Yang

The good and the evil. Their co-existence is a must for survival they say. Today I saw how.

Every morning I go for a walk/jog around the campus. That is the time I dearly cherish. Everything is so silent, the wind is so cool and the time just before sunrise when one can see a few stars and a bright horizon is bewitching. I love that walk of mine. It gives me time for myself. Just me.

I encounter a lot of faculty on their morning walks as well. Most of the faculty is not known to me. Today morning a pleasant thing happened. A cute labrador came running towards me. I love dogs. Apart from missing my own dog at home, there are no nice dogs in our campus. Only stray ones, that keep following you around. I petted that dog and played for a few minutes. Wow I thought, what a nice day!!!

A while later I heard someone calling out my name. I turned to see, it was one of my profs. He was gesturing me to come upto him and pointing at something on the ground. I froze. Snakes scare the shit outta me. Maybe it because I have seen a lot of them from my childhood. (Our colony is rather forest-like) or perhaps its the fear of them biting. Whatever it is I get very scared. I yelled back, ” Im scared sir…I dont like snakes”. He still said, “Aree see this. Its beautiful”.

It was a dead diamond back. One of the most poisonous snakes in the country. My third consecutive snake spotting in 3 days. He further added , “Beautiful pattern na on its body” and went on to make some weird movements in the air . He said “Wow” and walked away.

Dog and Snake. My yin and yang. What a start of a day I thought.


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