The good times are here again !

Yep. 3rd year 1st semester completed. It wasnt the perfect semester. In fact, one of the worse semesters according to me. So much academic pressure, stiff competition and scarcity of grades built up a unique crescendo towards the end which totally blew my head off. To top it all, my birthday was right in the middle of the worst time in the semester.

It was one of the most pleasant surprises I got in recent times. Due to the perfect mistiming of my birthday (during exams all the time!! šŸ˜¦ )I expected no party or cakes. Just the normal wishing and hanging around for sometime before rushing off to finish portions for the upcoming exam. But this time it was different. Thanks to another birthday on the same day, two rooms away, the whole hostel turned up on the second floor to wish me and the other birthday girl. It was amazing. Smothered with cake, drenched in water, kicked and beaten, I was a total mess. But i loved it. My room was decorated (though in the end, it was a cake+water swamp!) Wishes poured in from DC as well. It was awesome.

The rest of the day didnt quite live up to the great start. With another exam looming large the very next day, it wasnt quite the day i’d love to remember. But im glad its all over. The trip to Panjim on 14th made up for all the tough times in the semester. :D. (CHEESE BURST YOYOYO!)
Weirdly though, going home wasnt as exciting as it was earlier. Perhaps I am now used to it all or maybe I value my freedom in college more. But anyways, Im glad to get out of the campus for a while. My holidays look more busy than ever but im glad I have whisky!! šŸ˜€

PS: Chennai roxx!

10 thoughts on “The good times are here again !

  1. aaah i somehow managed to escape the dreadful budday bumps for the 2nd time in a row šŸ˜€ ,i guess god chose to pour my entire luck cauldron into my buddays šŸ˜›
    hmm havnt yet tasted them cheese bursts, shud try it out nxt time.
    no comments abt chennai šŸ˜› i like only certain parts of it ( mylapore actually šŸ˜› )

  2. compre bdays raaaccckkkk!!!!! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€
    bah vid’s post script seems all blurred to us dont it??
    mylapore eh.. hmmm.. yes the temples v famous šŸ˜›

  3. @vidya: Po di for the post script :P!
    @oink: Lol,I actually enjoy getting my bumps. But we are a million times milder than what happens in your hostel. So I guess its good to escape for u šŸ™‚
    @MS: Totally!!! How dare she…the postscript makes no sense to me. Mylapore temple is simply too good.
    ( Ive been to the City center more :D)

  4. aaah but theres no need to ‘ šŸ˜› ‘ šŸ˜›
    i realy like the temple surrounding area … awsum atmosphere, always lively … right until abt 10 at night, when the area might as well be a ghost town.. i just love to see the sudden change .. never missed it wen i was there \m/
    n yea i do agree bdays in BHs are a tad more severe hence the ‘\m/’
    hmm no comments on citi centre šŸ˜›
    n yea i do agree with gizmo .. the template’s too glaring .. cant read the left parts hmm think i shud switch bac to black n white wen i read ur blog šŸ˜›
    ps: this comments too long :-\

  5. ok on public demand Ive gone back to the old template. Didnt like this one too realized it after i had put it and setup the link lists. So was too tired to re-do it again. yoyoy blogger saved my time.

  6. PS:thu clicked on publish by mistake
    PPS: Yo..mylapore temple roxx..too far from my place..go there occaionally…but when i go its really awesome.

  7. O.o who knew such a discussion would ensue on the temple?? even i havent been there too often!
    and hey, that template wasnt that bad.. seemed a lotttt more flowery on vids comp, for some reason

  8. Yea!!! Thesis on the Kapaleshwar Temple. Lol. Naah the template was quite a shocker even when i first put it. Looked a lottt more softer in the preview ad. But yea..looks like vid’s comp added more jazz to it šŸ˜€

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