What would you like Ma’am ?

This is a very common phrase when one goes to any shop. Mostly one can associate it with a restaurant or even a small grocer (though they are non-existent in today’s era of malls and retail supermarkets), but yesterday I was in for a pleasant surprise. This was what the shop-guy asked us when we entered a jewller’s store.

Tables beautifully arranged, with glasses of water (no napkins though) was the first thing one notices. Eh? jewellery shop? One looks around with showcases lined with the latest in the jewellry line. As we take our seats, the table incharge comes around ” What would you like to see ma’am?”. As my mum described whatever she wanted, I was looking around. (Mostly at the TV coz some Animal planet special was coming “Dogs at work” :D). I was amazed with the concepts which people come up with.

So next time u visit ( or are forced to), be prepared for a free massage and spa experience as you pick up the latest peice of jewellery or sleep while you shop at a supermarket!