Pitter Patter raindrops!

Yaay! Its raining in Chennai again. I will not say I missed it much. ( It rained sooo much in Goa in the sem-beginning that I thought prolly water would dissolve us all). But still, rains manage to bring a smile to my face. The whooshing of the wind, the noise of the raindrops falling on the portico, the gentle spray of the water on your face if one stands near the windows, dip in temperatures…oooh. Its so heavenly.

I still remember my school days when I last cycled to the school ( way back in class 6), i used to ensure I zip through all the puddles on my cycle. Kho-kho in the rains was so much fun. Jumping around in the puddles of mud, raincoats and umbrellas scattered across the classroom, the chilly weather…all are simply amazing. I might be the only one who grins at the news of a cyclone coming chennai’s way 🙂 .

I do not miss the cold like my parents. They love winters. I dont. I hated the last winter I spent. with subzero temperatures, layers of clothing, nothing but curling up in blankets and sitting in the sun all day. Noooo…I love this. Im not complaining.

PS: I got selected for story-telling in Landmark today. I would be reading Cindrella to a bunch of 3-4 year olds. Wish me luck people. I am going to enjaay it!!


6 thoughts on “Pitter Patter raindrops!

  1. yoyoy… as u kno very well…i do not enjoy rains very much..but compared to winters of meerut…chennai rains rock!!
    and..me late in wishing u luck for story telling 😦

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