Whisky’s Commandments of Life

1. Life is all about the time one remains awake between my night’s sleep, post-morning-walk nap, pre-lunch nap, post evening-walk nap and pre-night-sleep nap.

2. People to contact for :
food: Mummy
Walks: Daddy
Fun and cuddling : chotu
Leg Biting : Chimmy
Frightening: jiju and the others.

3. Ants are life-savers. They provide entertainment, serve as walking snacks and sometimes its fun to spoil their trail.

4. Cats are no problem as long as mum/dad/chotu dont pat it more than me.

5.I H.A.T.E crows and sparrows coz they dont fly even when I bark.

6.Food is to be eaten in minimum 1 hour time and tantrums are a must.I hate dog biscuits unless they are soft and chewy. (hard ones require too much work)

7.Liberty chappals are yumm. The stilletos are difficult to pick up and run. Socks are fun to bite.

8.Papaya is the world’s best fruit. I can eat only papaya for my lifetime.

9.Bath times are nice provided the water’s temperature is okayed by me.

10. Nights are scary. Rains and wind are also pretty scary. I dont like the whoosh sound.

11.Dont kno why people raise their voices. They disturb my sleep. Prolly humans should learn to talk softly. Too much noise pollution.

12. I dont like the watchman’s shoes.

13.Servants are allowed only in the stipulated time. Rest of the time they are also outsiders.

14. Nothing should be taken from the house in a polythene. If it is to be taken, I should approve of it first.

15.Rats are irritating coz I can never catch them. Bloody they run too fast.

16.Sonia Verma was amazing on NDTV news. Sadly my family doesnt watch it anymore.

Life’s good 🙂


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