Wise and Otherwise

This is the name of the latest book I read. Its authored by Sudha Murthy. ( Yes, Mrs.Narayanmurthy). What I really loved about this book was that it wasnt of a particular genre. It wasnt exactly an autobiography nor was it fiction. It was what I would call a conversation kind of a book. Stuff she would have told her friends over a casual meeting. Things we usually tell each other when we spend time together. No fancy english words, no complicated sentences. Pure English, written beautifully.
But it was very inspiring all the same. She wrote about how her B.E in Computer Science actually took her places. Though she has also denied learning anything very practically useful in college, she described engineering as an experience. An experience that made her bolder and changed her perspective of life. At the same time, it planted seeds of inspiration in her . What interested me more was ( on the same lines of thought as ripvan winkle) her observation on the pretence of people. It was hilarious reading about so many incidents which happened to her (and they are very normal ones..not the one-in-a-zillion coincidences) My favorite was the one where she and her driver, wearing the infosys t-shirt go vegetable shopping. The vendor angrily tells her in kannada” These IT people! runing our city. They just come asking for the costs and dont buy a thing!!” he quotes nearly triple the cost of the mangoes to her driver!
She also describes her chance meeting with her husband and how he was so impressed with her boldness and courage to venture into a male-dominated side. (Engineering was taboo for girls in those days). The relationship they have today is highly reflective of their excellent education and forward-thinking.{btw..I didnt kno it was a love-marriage :P}
Lastly she described her relationship with her children and how they are still kept away from the media glare and made to work on their own. (Both are in USA).

Overall a refreshing read. No jargon, no flowery lingo, just life .

PS: I found my coin-collection. YOYOYOYO! I has evaded me for the last 4 years. Never found it in dehradun despite hundreds of hunting expeditions. 😀