Where? BITS ?

( I thank Vijay Siddharth Pillai for narrating this anecdote so wonderfully in one mass-transfer lab session. It kept us in splits for a long time.)

During the PS 1 this summer, a group of boys were assigned the Kochi Port Trust. On the first day of their summer term, they were instructed to visit the three departments. Mechanical, electrical and electronics. So the boys enter the first department. Mechanical.
Incharge: Where are you from.
Boys: BITS,Pilani.
Incharge: Where is that ?
Boys: Pilani, Rajasthan. (The goa campus is mostly not told).
Incharge( In rapid malayalam): Aree…you had to go and study sooo far off. Why did not get a seat in any Engg college in Kerala ?

They exchanged glances and without further conversation completed the orientation.
The next day they entered the Electrical dept.
Incharge: Where are you from ?
Boys: BITS,It is in Rajasthan
Incharge: ah I see…didnt study in your +1 and +2 eh? You had to study so far away in Rajasthan..tch tch. Looks like even a donation seat was not available for you.

Again, without any response, they completed the day’s work.
Lastly they visited the electronics dept.
Incharge: Where are you from?
Boys: A college in Rajasthan.
Incharge: Oh !! BITS? Omg please please come in…