My holiday…

These vacations I tried to take a break from my usual holiday routine. Visited places I wouldnt have usually been to and read up books which I usually dont. Its been a different journey for me. Spiritual to say the least. I vacationed in small villages, eating typical south-Indian cuisine, swam my heart out, tried a new form of dancing and yeah read a lot. It was so nice to take a real break from the tensions of college-life, from projects and deadlines, from grades and averages, from LAN and DC.

I have always been a nature-lover. Nature excites me. The fresh cool breeze, dark clouds,arrays of tall coconut trees, no modernization, the green-rice fields entice me. Sadly all I recounted so far was my painful yet in-the-end blissful visit to Srirangam, there was lots more which happened. Things which made me genuinely feel blessed. It was simply amazing.

For one, I got to see my native village. My mom had recounted stories of her childhood summer-vacations spent there with my great-grandfather. Tales of how they used to swim in the village tank, of chasing young calves and playing with goat-kids, of beautiful airy houses with a verandah where my granny used to plait my mum’s hair every evening, or how the whole agraharam used to sit collectively and listen to the evening news on the valve-radios. Hmm feels so good. I actually got a chance to see all that. The houses were almost in a state of ruin or occupied by someone else but the village tank, the nearby green trees, the old village temple and the post-office. All were intact. Though no one recognized us today, visiting that old village amidst lush green rice fields seemed like a perfect holiday!

Our journey till trichy by road, took us through many villages. Small and beautiful, they seemed so peaceful. Loads of coconut palms, women and children chatting away happily near village wells, lush green fields with sprinklers working overtime. We ate in simple small-town hotels which gave hygenic yet very authentic dishes. It was an overdose of nostalgia for my parents. For me, a new experience.

The choice of my books this time has been varied. Some I have been wanting to read for a long time like “Freakonomics” and “Gone with the wind” (okay..I kno I am late, but the size of the book used to intimidate me in college! 😛 ). But for the first time, I forayed into the vast world of non-fiction. I had a couple of futile attempts at reading them before but due to lack of understanding, I did not continue. Non-fiction is beautiful. They say, fact is stranger than fiction. Very true.

I read almost all Sudha Murty’s books. Wise and Otherwise, Mahashweta, The Old Man and his God, to name a few. I also read up a couple of auto-biographies and two-three more political books. Very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed them. The book I am currently reading is on Greek Mythology. ( Maybe a few questions in trivia I can answer now…:P) Non-fiction has a charm of its own. From real characters with absolutely real traits, from real unexpected circumstances to very real dialogues, these books have plots which touch you from inside. They move you even bringing tears to your eyes.

Lastly, I embraced the power of yoga and meditation. I was always a gym-goer and more of a outdoor kinda person who thought that perhaps all this was meant for older people. But turns out that it isnt. Mediatation calms the mind so thoroughly that one feels energized after a session. Yoga is very effective. Infact, my torn ligament feels better already. I plan to continue a small part of the regime known as the quick-yoga (meant for busy people who cant spare 2-3 hours a day) in college. Lets see.

That completes my holiday report. This would be my last blog of 2007. Eventful though it was, it was in many ways one of the years when I grew mentally and philosophically . I learnt so much about life, love, the joys of loving, friendship, experience of staying in new places, being with new people, making newer friends and acquaintances and lastly keeping the old friendships alive.I also learnt to accept defeat, learnt more about people and their ways and lastly a new language. It was also when i entered the next decade of my existence.

It was also the year I started blogging again.
So adios 2007. Welcome 2008.
Hope you(2008) will be even better and more enriching in many ways.


PS:New Year resolutions can wait till the 1st . I dont have time before that anyways!


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