The last few days have been really hectic and taxing. So much work and such a tight schedule finally took a toll on me. Nursing a bruised arm, a torn ligament (thanks to some careless diving), I was in no position to continue my physical work. Moreover, I had to take the car for servicing when midway through I realized it was punctured. So what would have taken me 2 hours ended up taking 5.
To top it all, my dog fell sick. When he falls sick, the whole energy level of the house goes down. If he isnt prancing around all our beds, scratching our hands and licking our toes at 5, wanting to go out for a walk, we feel the day isnt normal. It was precisely what happened. He was lying on his bed, curled up like a furry earthworm and totally devoid of energy. Then came the most difficult task of analyzing the problem. Finally I realized. He got a cold.
So my day was spent in giving him his medicines.( feeding tablets to a dog is an art 😛 ). Cough syrups and some gripe water. When he was in a better position, feeding him a little glucose and papaya. Finally some hot milk. Ahh! All this had to be spooned. Today finally he is better. Barking and playful. It feels so good. 😀

With the new year party just round the corner(I am compereing for it so have some work there) and some remnants of shopping left, my days ahead look no less taxing. Additional trips to tirupati and relative visits remain pending.

So Im off to Aurobindo Ashram tomorrow! I need that peace and quiet. I want to just sit there for a while and rejuvenate myself for the coming hectic and crucial year. Perhaps some auroville would do me good.

Who says holidays are meant for relaxing!
My tribute to Benazir Bhutto:

She was someone I always admired. Yes, she was corrupt. When she was the prime minister, the relations between our countries was probably at its worst. She has been accused of supporting and developing the Taliban. But despite all that I always liked her. I appreciated her courage, her desire to live life in her own way. She had her way with people, her way with the upbringing of her children. Her courage to walk amidst the muck of islamic politics which is splattered with violence and murder. Her courage to try and fight for the people, her courage to restore democracy when the country is facing its worst possible crisis from the fundamentalists and world pressure. Her courage to come back to Pakistan when she very well knew her life was in imminent danger.

Pakistani politics has always been full of bloodshed and conspiracies. She lived to retain her father’s legacy. Though the first political family of Pakistan has lost their shining star, she will always be someone I admired for her courage and the fact that “Women are no less in this male-dominated society” is proved again by her martyrdom.Though the fact that her life was in danger has been known all along, her assassination came as a real shocker!
Good Bye Ms.Bhutto. I salute you.


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