This post was coming for a while now. 2 days after I returned from IIT-Bombay (Techfest 2008), my mind has been subconciously planning the perfect blog post befitting such an awesome trip.My only college excursion turned out to be so much fun. Somethings are sweeter when they are short.

The excitement.
The packing.
The intial silent bus journey.
The whacko comments.
The Sai-Baba bhajans.
The highway eatery.
The extremely hot vada paav.
The costlier-than-Taj shack dinner.
The early morning grogginess.
The shock of looking at the accomodation.
The worry.
The long wait.
The 1000 bucks gift vouchers.
The event.
The disappointment.
The consolation.
The T-shirts.
The vada pav again.
The waffles.
The quiz.
The tiredness.
The sad pizza.
The shivering.
The fever.
The midnight shifting.
The next day.
The origami workshop.
The happiness at the unexpected news.
The event watching.
The mall.
The hookah.
The dahi papdi chaat.
The harem pants.
The amazing auto-ride.
The dancing in the street.
The caricature
The icecream when it was 10 degrees outside.
The bumpy cars.
The H-13.
The aloo paranthas.
The road-side singing.
The campus at 4 am.
The pasta.
The gola.
The pizza hut.
The events.
The walk from the hostel to the bus (ah tiring!)
The hindi vs telugu antakshari
The ramshackle dhaba
The cold wind.
The snuggling.
The vaseline.
The laughter
The people
The friends.
The photographs
The whole trip.

This will be etched in my mind forever. 😀

Revenge…Sweet revenge

Ah! The smell of success. This post is written in accordance with the recent win of the Indian Cricket Team and their triumph over the much-hated and the powerful Australians.

True, lot has happened down under. The racial abuse charges ( cmon! arent we all descendants of the monkey ?) and the shoddy umpiring (I have hated Steve Bucknor for as long as I can remember) led to a flurry of feelings and exchange of words which had nothing to do with cricket whatsoever. The fact that we beat the Aussies in their own backyard, left me smiling all day :).
“Serves them right!! “

I worship cricket. The game has been my obsession since I was five. Sachin Tendulkar…my idol. He is the most amazing cricketer I have come across. But some pathetic performances by the cricket team in the recent past made me take up the more popular (though there is no hint of patriotic feelings there…)football. But cricket in India is a religion. From the numerous cricket camps to the gully cricket played in almost every open space…it is a sport that cannot be taken out of the Indian blood. (Lagaan \m/ \m/)

So fresh after a healthy dose of awesome cricket by our Men in Blue, Im eagerly waiting for the cricket slam in our college. Perhaps the recent win would add fuel to the fire. This is the second best match I have ever watched. The first of course was the Twenty-20 finals. Who can beat the feeling of war waging inside everyone of us in the packed auditorium..yelling shouting…aah it was fun..! I hope the cricket slam brings some enthusiasm back into the football -obsessed boys crowd of my college.(Though I know no one in any of the cricket teams playing here…it always excites me to watch live cricket).

And of course,..there is no Bucknor or Andrew Symonds around to spoil the fun 😀

Caught in the act!

( Ok perverts! Time to think straight :P)

I have a sort of problem. (Not a bad one if u ask me…) I talk to myself. Somehow the effect of hearing your words or thoughts loudly makes them seem more realistic and sometimes more manageable. I love talking to myself. Often Im engrossed in self conversations springing up new ideas which make me laugh as well. Many times, it soothes me or even gives me solutions to many questions in my mind.

I am also an avid thinker. Often unrelated issues spring up in my head like a random chain of bizarre thoughts and then I enjoy trying to figure out and backtrack my thoughts to the origin and laugh about it. Train journeys are my getaway. I simply enjoy just looking out of the window and pretending to look outside while my brain is on a journey of its own..perhaps eons away.

Today was no different. It was a deserted walkway at around 2 in the afternoon. I was mentally making a plan as to where I had to go and whom I had to meet. (Given I had a lot of work). But then as usual, something funny crept up in my mind and I laughed and then invariably started whispering something to myself. I was under the blissful impression that I was all alone when gosh! I spot the watchman staring at me, clearly under the impression some lunatic had taken asylum in the campus.

To deal with the situation and not to confirm his belief that I was really mad, 3 corrective actions came to my mind:
1. To continue doing what I was doing and forget that I saw someone looking at me.

2.To stare back at him in a sinister way and let him believe I am mad.

3.To pretend it was a song I was actually singing and hum some random lyrics with some massacred song loudly so that he thinks I was singing and enjoying myself.

Ah! It is another case of embarrassment, but the worst one I can think of. Thankfully, 2 boys came out of their hostel at the same time. I quickened my steps and almost ran.

PS: I kno I am prolly ages late, but it was just yesterday I saw the movie The Godfather. Omg! Can any man look hotter than Al Pacino ? 😛

Agony of a broken heart

Why why o why? Why is it so difficult to let go sometimes? Why is it so difficult to forget a person who after the initial happiness has always given u more pain? Why doesnt my mind think more about the agony he has given and not the fun we had ? Why cant I forget him? Why cant I kick him out of my life as simply as he removed me from his ?

I have no answers. But I want to find some. Some balm to soothe my heart. Something to convince me that this is not the end. Why do I get so attached to people? Why is it that I care so much…most of the time not very evidently, but feel so much for that person? Why do I care? heck, why ?

I know I am not important to him. Probably wont be also. But my heart refuses to let go. Its not something that cropped up all of a sudden. It was coming. Now that it has, its killing me from inside.

Time is the best healer they say. Ive waited for so long thinking someday I will forget. Someday I will remember it as something that made me so happy and made my college life worth living. But not now. Is it a crime to like people? Why then does it hurt so much ? Why is loving/liking such a dangerous thing ? Is it wrong ? Do people exist just to hurt you ?

I might act tough most of the times, but my heart is very mellow. I am not a person who shows my true emotions very openly, but sometimes the cut is so deep that one cant help it. I know despite my best efforts, he is one person I can never forget. But should I wait till eternity ? Should I wait for an apology? I know my answer is firm now, but heart of hearts I am waiting.
How I wish I was still a kid. All this would have never happened!

(Im sorry if this post meant nothing to a lot of people. But the fact that atleast a few who know me well will empathize with me and definitely know who I am talking about, makes it worth writing. )

A real tear-jerker

I watched Taare Zameen Par yesterday. I am a person who had watched just a handful of movies in my school-days. Obviously, college is a different story. With hindi movies becoming the last resort to escape from boredom, they had totally lost their respect in my eyes. The last time I remember watching a hindi movie fully on my computer was more than a year ago. (Of course, theaters are a different story). I hardly cry in movies. Frankly nothing moves me enough to make me start crying. The last time was umm…prolly in class 2 or 3 when I watched Anjali . I rofled my way through the rest, sometimes generating angry looks from people seated next to me. (That happened in Devdas!).

Taare Zameen Par is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was a first. I cried like never before. Such a simple and touching tale. (Im not reviewing the movie..lots of reviews are already on the net). But what touched me the most is that it was such a contemporary situation. The triumph of a 9 year old against all odds and painting being his saviour, it was a movie totally worth a watch. I was surprised at how tears just came to my eyes. It was like all the plugs were pulled out. Almost the whole movie I was just restraining myself from crying. (basically I was trying to hide from my mum, coz I have teased her so much about her habit of crying that she has been waiting ever since to get back at me :P)

Well kudos Aamir Khan. You have a fan in me.