Agony of a broken heart

Why why o why? Why is it so difficult to let go sometimes? Why is it so difficult to forget a person who after the initial happiness has always given u more pain? Why doesnt my mind think more about the agony he has given and not the fun we had ? Why cant I forget him? Why cant I kick him out of my life as simply as he removed me from his ?

I have no answers. But I want to find some. Some balm to soothe my heart. Something to convince me that this is not the end. Why do I get so attached to people? Why is it that I care so much…most of the time not very evidently, but feel so much for that person? Why do I care? heck, why ?

I know I am not important to him. Probably wont be also. But my heart refuses to let go. Its not something that cropped up all of a sudden. It was coming. Now that it has, its killing me from inside.

Time is the best healer they say. Ive waited for so long thinking someday I will forget. Someday I will remember it as something that made me so happy and made my college life worth living. But not now. Is it a crime to like people? Why then does it hurt so much ? Why is loving/liking such a dangerous thing ? Is it wrong ? Do people exist just to hurt you ?

I might act tough most of the times, but my heart is very mellow. I am not a person who shows my true emotions very openly, but sometimes the cut is so deep that one cant help it. I know despite my best efforts, he is one person I can never forget. But should I wait till eternity ? Should I wait for an apology? I know my answer is firm now, but heart of hearts I am waiting.
How I wish I was still a kid. All this would have never happened!

(Im sorry if this post meant nothing to a lot of people. But the fact that atleast a few who know me well will empathize with me and definitely know who I am talking about, makes it worth writing. )


9 thoughts on “Agony of a broken heart

  1. I do know what you are talking out and wish we could all make a club and remember sad things innovatively and forget them faster. You can probably still do that.

    You’ll come through, you know it.

  2. I guess this is something that mostly affects the girls only; well, at least from what I observed. And the reason would be some interconnections in the brain which the guys are not gifted to have. Anyways, take good care of yourself. Get busy with life; that is one temporary solution.

  3. He he sindhuja, yeah right! We men probably are better at hiding it, but we get depressed as hell too when something does not work out. At least many of us do. You girls also do hit us where it hurts.

  4. I totally agree with Aasman. It’s just that guys are not that vocal and you will never know that a guy is sad until you are very close to him, or he says it verbally.

    N you make yourself busy with stuff. That will keep your mind off things and might help. 😦

  5. Firstly thank u ppl. All your comments really helped. Im feeling much better already.

    @Akash n Assman: I really wished guys were more vocal. It would make life so much easier. 😛 (Get those vocal chords working guyzz!)

    @Sindhuja: I dont know if it is really blissful to have those irritating interconnections in the brain…but maybe for the greater good it does.:P

    Cheers! 🙂

  6. well…they say..whatever happens..happens for good..
    so forget abt it girl and move on…u deserve better guys 🙂

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