Caught in the act!

( Ok perverts! Time to think straight :P)

I have a sort of problem. (Not a bad one if u ask me…) I talk to myself. Somehow the effect of hearing your words or thoughts loudly makes them seem more realistic and sometimes more manageable. I love talking to myself. Often Im engrossed in self conversations springing up new ideas which make me laugh as well. Many times, it soothes me or even gives me solutions to many questions in my mind.

I am also an avid thinker. Often unrelated issues spring up in my head like a random chain of bizarre thoughts and then I enjoy trying to figure out and backtrack my thoughts to the origin and laugh about it. Train journeys are my getaway. I simply enjoy just looking out of the window and pretending to look outside while my brain is on a journey of its own..perhaps eons away.

Today was no different. It was a deserted walkway at around 2 in the afternoon. I was mentally making a plan as to where I had to go and whom I had to meet. (Given I had a lot of work). But then as usual, something funny crept up in my mind and I laughed and then invariably started whispering something to myself. I was under the blissful impression that I was all alone when gosh! I spot the watchman staring at me, clearly under the impression some lunatic had taken asylum in the campus.

To deal with the situation and not to confirm his belief that I was really mad, 3 corrective actions came to my mind:
1. To continue doing what I was doing and forget that I saw someone looking at me.

2.To stare back at him in a sinister way and let him believe I am mad.

3.To pretend it was a song I was actually singing and hum some random lyrics with some massacred song loudly so that he thinks I was singing and enjoying myself.

Ah! It is another case of embarrassment, but the worst one I can think of. Thankfully, 2 boys came out of their hostel at the same time. I quickened my steps and almost ran.

PS: I kno I am prolly ages late, but it was just yesterday I saw the movie The Godfather. Omg! Can any man look hotter than Al Pacino ? 😛


4 thoughts on “Caught in the act!

  1. Same pinch!!! I usually follow strategies 1 & 3, except for the one time when Vidya lady (rem her? gh3 hostel asst) thought I was actually talking to her! I was blissfully talking to myself, and suddenly she was in front of me, with this strange look on her face..Flustered that I was, for some goddamned reason I just pointed vaguely at something on my kurta and muttered something about washing off a coffee stain. Sheesh! :S

  2. ROFL! Coffee stains it seems! Hahaha…my case was worse…my room door was open and Vidya in passing I think saw me having a conversation with myself…she barged in and asked with a frightful expression ” Kisse baat kar rahi ho ?” ( I dont remember how I got out of that one…) But Im sure she has a twisted opinion about me. LOL!

  3. lol i never used to talk to myself previously, now i seem to do it really often.. its great help most of the times (unless u get caught of course ) :))

  4. Man.. i too do that all the time, i am just thinking and rethinking all things. And talking to myself on my walks gets me some weird stares. I stopped bothering now.
    I saw Godfather just couple of weeks back too, loved it. It was just by the book, so there was nothing new. The book was better i thought.
    I started Godfather 2 yesterday, should be done this weekend.

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