Revenge…Sweet revenge

Ah! The smell of success. This post is written in accordance with the recent win of the Indian Cricket Team and their triumph over the much-hated and the powerful Australians.

True, lot has happened down under. The racial abuse charges ( cmon! arent we all descendants of the monkey ?) and the shoddy umpiring (I have hated Steve Bucknor for as long as I can remember) led to a flurry of feelings and exchange of words which had nothing to do with cricket whatsoever. The fact that we beat the Aussies in their own backyard, left me smiling all day :).
“Serves them right!! “

I worship cricket. The game has been my obsession since I was five. Sachin Tendulkar…my idol. He is the most amazing cricketer I have come across. But some pathetic performances by the cricket team in the recent past made me take up the more popular (though there is no hint of patriotic feelings there…)football. But cricket in India is a religion. From the numerous cricket camps to the gully cricket played in almost every open space…it is a sport that cannot be taken out of the Indian blood. (Lagaan \m/ \m/)

So fresh after a healthy dose of awesome cricket by our Men in Blue, Im eagerly waiting for the cricket slam in our college. Perhaps the recent win would add fuel to the fire. This is the second best match I have ever watched. The first of course was the Twenty-20 finals. Who can beat the feeling of war waging inside everyone of us in the packed auditorium..yelling shouting…aah it was fun..! I hope the cricket slam brings some enthusiasm back into the football -obsessed boys crowd of my college.(Though I know no one in any of the cricket teams playing here…it always excites me to watch live cricket).

And of course,..there is no Bucknor or Andrew Symonds around to spoil the fun 😀


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