This post was coming for a while now. 2 days after I returned from IIT-Bombay (Techfest 2008), my mind has been subconciously planning the perfect blog post befitting such an awesome trip.My only college excursion turned out to be so much fun. Somethings are sweeter when they are short.

The excitement.
The packing.
The intial silent bus journey.
The whacko comments.
The Sai-Baba bhajans.
The highway eatery.
The extremely hot vada paav.
The costlier-than-Taj shack dinner.
The early morning grogginess.
The shock of looking at the accomodation.
The worry.
The long wait.
The 1000 bucks gift vouchers.
The event.
The disappointment.
The consolation.
The T-shirts.
The vada pav again.
The waffles.
The quiz.
The tiredness.
The sad pizza.
The shivering.
The fever.
The midnight shifting.
The next day.
The origami workshop.
The happiness at the unexpected news.
The event watching.
The mall.
The hookah.
The dahi papdi chaat.
The harem pants.
The amazing auto-ride.
The dancing in the street.
The caricature
The icecream when it was 10 degrees outside.
The bumpy cars.
The H-13.
The aloo paranthas.
The road-side singing.
The campus at 4 am.
The pasta.
The gola.
The pizza hut.
The events.
The walk from the hostel to the bus (ah tiring!)
The hindi vs telugu antakshari
The ramshackle dhaba
The cold wind.
The snuggling.
The vaseline.
The laughter
The people
The friends.
The photographs
The whole trip.

This will be etched in my mind forever. šŸ˜€


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