Out of breath!

The last few days ( and the near future..as I see it), is perhaps the most stressed I have ever been in the last couple of years. From regular COP meetings with the guide to regular CAT classes, from full-timetables (without the freedom to bunk) to Quark projects, I find no time for anything let alone myself. My day is spent in running from pillar to post for something or another. My clothes lie scattered, books all over the room, shoes here and there…my room is a mess! n I find no time to tidy it either.

Gawd…Ive been having one hell of a time…so Im very sorry (to all those who have been threatening to kick my ass if I dont mail/chat/talk to them). I cant.

Let things smoothen out a bit.

I’ll be back. 😀


3 thoughts on “Out of breath!

  1. This is what used to happen to me in Saarang time… i only had calculated 5 set of clothes for each day of saarang, and rest were all.. um.. on the chairs and such.

    The end of saarang was like a morning after a boisterous party…

    Say what are these COP meetings

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