The unexpected

Life’s a bitch. Yes, couldnt agree more. Things you wish had happened, wont and things you dread the most happen. Life springs such a surprise on you every day, it almost seems wrong to plan or think about the future.

With so much looming above all the pre-final year students, the fun time seems too long ago and too far off. With serious discussions about what path to follow, preparations for that, serious talk and regular extra classes…the future looks again like a sequence of important exam dates. The immediate future showed another set of exams coming, and life seemed hell (or so I thought.)

What I didnt expect is what happened. These exams seemed to leave me totally non-stressed out. Call it the experience of writing 100+ exams (which we so joblessly calculated when we were supposed to be doing saner things with the calculator)or perhaps genuine boredom, exams were fun this time. (No, Im not speculating my marks here). Night walks resumed (during exams…which is something), midnight shouting, laughing, nescafe meetings, Trivia full swing on DC (with people setting trivia scores as their goals rather than finishing syllabus), gtalk chats with everyone, CS (for some), trying out new songs and exchanging them, new episodes of Kyle XY and others, the release of Jumper DVD print which caused all exam preparations to be temporarily put on hold,movie talk just before an exam etc etc.
Again, this was only prevalent among the third year students, as the first year and second year ppl still showed signs of retaining their school traits of studying. Of course there are the greats, who would still insist on foregoing all the fun and increasing the average in the third year as well.

So with two more exams, a day of breathing space and more fun waiting to happen, exams couldnt have got better.

Yes. Once they are done, we might have to atone for our sins when we get our marks. 😛


6 thoughts on “The unexpected

  1. Life springs such a surprise on you every day, it almost seems wrong to plan or think about the future.- love this line! yeah so full of surprises these days.. and ive jus stopped caring abt whats gonna happen, i jus wonder how i’ll spend the 1 hr in the exam hall.. what r calculators for!! crappy tests one rape after another.. ah and the trivia definitely, feels soo damn nice to see ppl playin all the time! nice post, u r the only one whos even tryin to keep the blog alive! 🙂
    ps- Night walks resumed (ahem ahem, crap this cough is unstoppable 😛 )

  2. lol, yes, looks like we’ve written one too many test around here to pretend to be freaked out by yet another. And hey, trivia always was at its most active during tests. Only it’s no longer a quickie in between cramming. Good luck for tomorrow’s exams. And yeah, good girl, keep ’em posts coming 🙂

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