What time is it anyway?

Tons of quotes have been written on this, it dictates the nature of our everyday life. There is a time to do this, that, a time for this, a time for that. But I ask you the basic question, do we all know what the time on a clock/watch, say hh:mm:ss, actually means ?

This thought came to my mind, as I gathered at a specified place to leave with my other college mates to go to another College fest. Okay, it was said reporting time is 9 am SHARP. At precise 9 am I was there and a couple more, but the key people in charge and others were no where to be found. Come they did, albeit a comfortable half an hour later and we finally moved in a couple of hours.

Nothing ever starts on time. From flight delays (which are rather annoying) to train delays, because of which you can never be hopeful of reaching a place at the nick of time or hopping trains comfortably, no event starts on time, dinner parties are delayed, classes are having an offset of atleast 5 minutes, movie shows are also late and so is everyone. So the question that comes to the fore is, what is the use of specifying a time? Is it that the event would start in an offset of prolly 30 minutes to an hour after that? Then cant the time be specified as an hour later ? Oh, hell! maybe then the offset would start from there.

Punctuality is no where to be found. Even as the fundamental moral habits of punctuality are drilled into primary school kids, the practical life teaches them something totally different. “Arre, it only 8..lets go by 8:30 no one would have come there now” is something we encounter very frequently. Why? I ask. Why?

I do hope that it is not only the very important events/exams that are held on time. A little lesson on punctuality to everyone who has forgotten it would do some good to this world.


3 thoughts on “What time is it anyway?

  1. OMG..I totally agree with this one… People just do not have any value for other ppl’s time.. and what more.. they expect others to be punctual!!
    Being late is the latest trend these days i guess.. or rather the evergreen thing
    its like.. “Railways in India do have a time table, but then..Waiting rooms on railway stations are an integral part of the system”

  2. Kyle may wear lipstick but he had a point wen he said..
    “Time is a set of imaginary nos u humans made up , and now u cant escape it !!”
    food 4 thot
    awesome post as usual

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