The sweat, the sun and the disappearance

Its been long. Really long. My hands have been itching to pen down some of the many wonderful things which are happening to me this semester. But the absence of electricity, which drives me close to insanity thanks to my over-active sweat glands which pour out their salty excretions in such a fashion as to make me feel like living under the shower (which I almost have, considering I bathe nearly 4 times a day), has been preventing me from doing so.
Moreover, the sleepless nights given I live in a room with virtually no cross-ventilation, made me have a sleep-hangover for more than a week. To top the list, we had exams a week back.
My disappearance and lack of posts would be duly compensated in the vacations. Im sure, my readers would have stopped checking my dead blog for quite sometime. But I’ll be back.

PS: The farewell is there this Saturday. Oh GAWD! we are GRADUATING! Feels very weird. 🙂

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