End of the beginning

I remember the words spoken by our professor while distributing the answer papers in our first semester, hours before we left for home for our first christmas break. ” You have a long way to go! This is just the end of the beginning.” Yesterday, our professor told us (again while giving answer sheets) ” This is the beginning of the end. Your college life is ending”. The time inbetween? Where did it go?

Yes. I agree ive been pondering a lot over the last three years of mine. (Successive blog posts on the same topic are proof enough). But this time, there is a mixed bag of feelings. We’ve grown older for one, more complex emotions cloud our minds. There is a desperation to get out and face the real world. (and also face an air-conditioner asap.) But there is also the huge senti feeling of parting and meeting again years later in a totally different mode and stage of life.

Leaving all that aside and looking ahead. The times ahead are tough. Higher entrance level tests, CAT preparations and Internships apart, there are the dreaded comprehensive examinations coming. (I actually wanna explore the upper parts of the library where Ive not got the chance to go so far!) So folks, here is taking a long break(yet again) from blogging (for purely academic reasons this time!).
Keep checking my blog, mostly I’ll update them once i get back home.
All the best to everyone. Enjoy!