Kudos Mom!

The last few days have seen me super busy. All this thanks to the absence of my mom who is currently holidaying with my sister in the US. So for the first ever time, the entire responsibility of running a house fell upon my shoulders. It is too much work, I tell you. I wonder how my mom does it day after day after day and still manages to go for work. I get so tired all I can think of is my bed.

There is so much work at home that I seriously appreciate all those women who are able to juggle both house-work and careers. Worse, if you have kids/dogs. Added responsibility. If studies is what you have to do alongside house-work,I dont know how the studying part can ever happen!

So, thats how i am going to be for the next fortnight atleast. But there are a lot of added benefits I noticed. One being, Im up by 5 am. Next, my lazy wont-move-an inch-unless-its-upto-the-dining-table lifestyle has gone for a toss. Third, I no longer sit in front of my comp for more than an hour and last,I feel more responsible and active.
I do manage to read all blogs though.
Nice vacation i must say! 😀
n yeah…Kudos MOM! I never knew what you were doing all this while… u r a superwoman!
(This extends to all moms who have a lot of work and kids who are(were) super lazy bums like me!)


3 thoughts on “Kudos Mom!

  1. BOB
    i always do wonder if somehow time travels slower for them.
    i was particularly influenced towards that line of thought when i learnt my mum did her PhD when i was a year old.
    and i talk about multitasking :-\

  2. ooh 5am! cool!! yes, nice vacation, sounds like! i wanna start living like a human being too(this is beginning to sound like my holiday jingle now :/) hmm maybe my parents should take a vacation too..

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