Little drops of water…

What is it about rains that I love? Is it watching the sky change colour from a bright clear blue to a murky grey? Is it the rain laden clouds covering the horizon making the sun disappear? Or the Ashoka trees swaying dangerously attempting to scare anyone who just looks at them? The billowing curtains, the doors which bang shut, the leaves which fly in the air, the birds which get blown off course, the cuckoo which gives the warning or watching my dog’s body look like its changing shape because of the wind passing through his hairy coat? The ever awesome manvasanai (mud smell)? or hearing the pitter patter rain drops falling against the window? (or on a more geeky note..counting the number of drops it takes to wet one complete tile? ..:P)Is it the rustling of the leaves on the trees ?I dont know…prolly everything.

As you would have guessed by now, I love rains. There is something so exciting about the water drops falling from the sky like washing away all the agony and tensions and giving everyone a fresh headstart. It takes away the scorching sun for a while which makes me the happiest. The bolt of lightining and clap of thunder just add some light and sound effects to this amazing natural phenomenon.

I cant sit in front of my computer any longer while the weather remains like this. Im going to enjoy the evening stormy showers that Chennai gives me to make up for the otherwise scathing hot day.


6 thoughts on “Little drops of water…

  1. hey i had written a similar post. deleted it tho 😛
    not many ppl read it 😦
    nice post! i loveeee the rains jus as much as u do if not more 😛

  2. I hate rains.
    Hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it .

  3. i LOVE rains!!! 😀 yoyoyo next sem goa rains!!!!!!!!! **gleam** and yes, rain in chennai in the middle of summer awesomest! :B

    freak, vid, ob not many ppl read it! chucked it before one can say pitter patter, didnt you? }:-[

  4. 🙂 Was reading your old post on rains just yesterday! 😀

    Aur mail ka reply bhi nahi kiya jaata? Pitaai hogi ab!

    Yeah! I love rains too! I remember going cycling in the rains, making those paper boats and setting them free on those murky water filled roads. Jumping in the puddles.. :)And yes, the way everything looks when it rains (Goa!) 😀 *grin*!

  5. Don’t we have enough of ’em in Goa already? 😛 ..
    (btw, first time I’m commenting on your blog, though i’ve read it sporadically, before)

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