Is rude the new cool ?

I dont know how many of you have noticed this, but apparently being cool is essentially being rude.
This particular thought came to my mind as I accidentally collided with a seven or eight year old boy jumping around the crowded aisles in a supermarket. With everyone pushing their carts and going about their business, the boy was sure to come in someone’s way. That someone had to be me.
Okay, now I did say a sorry and gave him a smile (even though it wasnt my fault) but all that little chap clad in a trendy cargo and football jersey had to tell me was ,” Owwwww! Cant you see where you are going missy?”. I was taken aback. I know swearing is in. Cmon, I swear a lot too. But its not with everyone!And I particularly take care not to swear when Im out of the campus.Or even when Im in it, its only on DC or with close friends. But Ive noticed a large number of people almost flaunting their rudeness. It is scary.

Reader’s Digest took a poll a few years ago on the rudest cities in the country. Though Delhi topped the list and Bangalore was not so far behind, I think no place in this country is left out. With intense competition and the social pressure of doing well in life, a lifestyle to flaunt and the hurry associated with every chore,whatever happened to human emotions?! A smile, a pleasant laugh, a polite excuse me (and not the oh-you-sick-ba****d-get -out-of-my-way excuse me ) or even a small gesture of giving anyone directions honestly seems so hard to find.

I think we are all being incessantly rude these days. There is no scope for telling anyone anything softly anymore. ” Arey aise mat bolo, daant lagao, tabhi kaam hoga!” is so frequently heard. As Barney put it (in one episode of How I met your Mother), its the vicious circle of screaming. (he later made it a pyramid, but never mind! :D). The general thought process of people is like, being soft or polite shows weakness and the other person will instantly take you for a ride?! Huh! Why is that so? Why I should I yell, be harsh or rude to someone I dont know, for a frivolous thing like stamping on my foot (yes, if its pencil heels I do have a problem! 😉 ), unnecessarily increase my blood-pressure and heart rate and pick up a grudge against some other being ?

I realized that today’s youth is the one part of society which is being the most rude. Being a part of the same fraternity, I will try from now on to become more polite and lose my temper only when it is required. But yes, I will also have to learn to increase my tolerance to other people’s rudeness, but im sure they will eventually realize that they needn’t yell for everything that doesnt happen their way.


PS: I also realized that boxing is an efficient way to take out your anger on the world. It burns calories, makes your hand ache (keeping you occupied), gives you the satisfaction of actually hitting something and is a lot of fun!! 😀


11 thoughts on “Is rude the new cool ?

  1. what if its in a persons nature to be rude(not very rude mind you)? that person needn’t be accused of “being-rude-to-become-cool” right? or i dunno how it works. yeah i agree certain people thinking swearing is cool and over-do it, it just gets annoying beyond a point! what the f*** do you think you’re f****** doing you ******* etc etc isn’t necessary in most cases 😛
    can’t believe I’m saying that but whatever! 🙂

  2. If people are rude to you, instead of standing there and wondering what in the hell just happened, instead of being mellow and soft-headed, you get back at them. Works most of the time, and it silences the adversary. The best way is to be politely rude, and sarcasm is of a great help here. (Practice on the Chennai auto drivers, you will become a pro!:D)

  3. Rude works as a joke but not otherwise unless its used on a person who doesn’t get the point that you don’t like her..err../him. That kid you mentioned deserves a good beating and a crash course on manners.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Swearing is in, it’s all you-have-to-be-rude-to-be-a-dude. Blech. Ya, it’s as if rude means tough, so noone messes with you. Bah who do they think they are, like we don’t have better things to do. Rude without obvious(to recipient) reason, like to total strangers, is just not ok.
    As for Calvin, I suspect we’re all such big fans only cos he’s fiction. And his priceless views on everything under the sunof course :B If he were the brat in the supermarket,though, I doubt we’d go aww at all. Good beating is more like it, like vaish said

  5. @vid: Its not cool to be rude to an unknown person. Yes, if its in the blood, then it needs to be corrected!
    @naren: An eye for an eye is what you mean.. But doesnt it pinch our own conscience to be rude without reason?
    @vaish: Yes, thats exactly what I thought! A good beating and some manners.
    @ripvan: Absolutely. Calvin is adorable coz he is fiction. That brat in the supermarket needs some beating for sure!

  6. Nah! Calvin is never rude to strangers!

    And yes, I saw this rudeness myself. I was in Pune for Holi once, and that’s when I saw how rude and scary 10 year olds can be: saw them abusing each others mothers, tearing each others hair apart (et al!)..and all this in one of the most posh places in Pune, done by kids who seemed to have been born speaking in English (Why is that considered cool too? English?)
    It horrified me, since I’d never seen/done such things when I was a child!

  7. unheard of! 8 year kiddo ? n the worst part is one cant even do anything about it, i mean, thats a single-digit year old kid, for gods sake ! being rude back just makes no sense , does it ?
    yea swearing is in, theres a rude world out there, politeness lies forgotten n forsaken, i guess the best we can do is not expect any !

  8. without a reason? you do have a reason, he/she was rude!! 😀

    of course, with this 8 year old kid, you can do nothing.. reporting him to his parents would entail an hour’s lecture of how cute the child is and how it is a slap on their face that you, a stranger, dare tell them that their kid is not brought up right!!

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