Eye contact…

I walked out of the gym, closing the door lightly behind me wiping the sweat off my face. I was humming some hindi number I just heard on the tv. It had been a pleasant morning. A long walk at the crack of dawn when the sky is still changing colors. I continued my walk mechanically towards the back door of my house when I noticed it. Yellow eyes following me from under an old shoe-rack in the verandah. I stood there transfixed. I knew instantly what it was.

It slithered up to the top rack almost like wanting to take a better look. It raised its head and I saw it still rooted to the spot. It was yellowish green with a muddy underbelly. It took out its tongue like wanting to taste the warm summer air. Unbelievable it might sound, but we both stared at each other. I was still recovering from the shock of look at it from such a close distance. It was as though he also was wondering who I was. Prolly he had lived in the abandoned shoe-rack for sometime now and was just surprised to see a new face in the neighbourhood. It stuck his tongue out again, this time rapidly , almost impatiently.

He tilted his head and looked at whisky. Whisky oblivious to the creature was wondering why I had stopped in my tracks. He moved a little ahead to take a good look at the white hairy thing. It looked back into my eyes. It was the first time I saw a snake eye-to-eye. Parseltongue was the first thing that struck me, but it was dismissed with the incredulity of what I was doing. It was only then that I woke from the trance like state.

I ran back to the gym and closed the door shut. I luckily called my dad who alerted the watchmen. Whisky started jumping around in a frenzy at so much activity.

The mission was successful.
The snake is no more. 😀


7 thoughts on “Eye contact…

  1. I can hear Menaka Gandhi screaming her eyes out! 🙂 ..

    Curious though, why whisky didn’t bark (if he’s a dog, obb).. Were they friends?

    now, who does that remind you of? 😀

  2. Kya re Ch4 ki ladkian …. Jab bhi snake dekhtein hain maar daalti hain. People lets observe a two minute silence for the soul of the poor lil snake .

    ps: good to here you are ok .

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