For you, Aarushi…

I am back after a mini-sabbatical. Forced sabbatical more like. But this is something that has kept not only me, but the entire nation hooked to the daily news. As many channels put it in a sensationalizing manner ” The Murder of 2008″, the “Murder of the year!” and what not, this is my dedicated post to that poor little girl, Aarushi.

Someone whose existence I sadly came to know only after her death, I cannot but feel terribly sorry for her. Yes, for life to be taken away in such a brutal fashion, that too at such a young tender age is terrifying. But even more terrifying is the disgraceful way the media has been treating her case. With her photograph being flashed in every news bulletin, with one of these apparently “catchy” slogans underneath it, what is the media trying to do ? First, throw a truckload of rut on her character, by sensationalizing totally false information about her, then blaming the servant without even looking around the house?! ( I sometimes wonder what if the killer actually was walking on the terrace and enjoying all the ruckus below?). Then blame a father for killing his daughter, conduct narco-tests every now and then..I want to sometimes just scream at the news channels saying ENOUGH!! Havent they lost enough already ?

The thing with the Indians is that, we love to lap up these things. Agreed, some amount of public interference is needed. Like the Women and Child’s commission was required to make the Noida Police shut their trap and stop throwing nasty ideas about her character into public’s minds. The more you show the details of the case, the more tongues will wag. Some smart, young girl has become the object of public sympathy, dinner table discussions and even articles about how her murder is making people watch more news. Sad, aint it ?

All I would now just request people ( I know in vain…) to leave that bereaved family alone.The highest federal body of investigation is on the case now and I think even they would perform better outside the media glare. Maybe the case gets resolved faster. They have lost perhaps one of the brightest spark of their family and the most loved. In addition, the family must be totally shattered now and i am not sure, society is going to accept them back.

So, Aarushi, you are long gone now, but the fight for your justice will continue. It is sad you had to become headlines only because you were snatched away by some animal in the most brutal manner. Hope your soul rests in peace. I truly feel sorry for you everytime I see your beautiful pic flashed in a news-bulletin.

PS: Im sorry that my return-to-blogging post has been on a sombre topic. But this is what I could gather from the flashes of news headlines I managed to catch every now and then. Its been Aarushi , Aarushi and Aarushi all the way…


5 thoughts on “For you, Aarushi…

  1. I remember about 5 years ago when I was in +1, I was sitting in a bus that ran over a girl who was my age.. I walked down the bus and saw her head under the front tyre and It took me a long time to recover.. The next day in paper came an “extrememly interesting and explicitly written” article.. I was shocked. that is the only word… shocked…

  2. I feel the aarushi case has been blown totally out of proportion. It would be a miracle if the culprit is caught amid all the ruckus
    i usually switch off the tv when the case is being aired :-\

  3. Ah I dunno what she looks like, never seen her pic.. But yes, the whole thing is just sad. Go stand in the corner and hang yor head in shame, media

  4. hey this is Siddharth.I never knew you write so well!!!I am reading a blog for the first time.To tell you the truth when I read this I asked Deljo which Nita has written this.Truly amazing!!!
    I will make it a point to read your blog.Go on…

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