Humour in billboards…

India is a land of aggressive marketing. Billboards, especially colourful ones, bright and neon-lit adorn the main roads of the city giving it the extra zing. What one doesnt notice, is the tiny shops that line the other roads of chennai, catering to the majority of the people. As one drives ( or rather inches) along the overcrowded streets, a lot of extremely funny billboards get noticed. Here are few of them:

1. On the board of a shop: “Cassettes, CD’s and Underwear sold here” ( eh ? What a combination!)

2. “Welcome to Lucky’s Woin Shop” – Now it did take me a while to realize its actually wine.

3. “Fresh Snakes sold here” – That did send shivers down my spine!

4. “Hot Berrotazz on sale” – Is that Italian!? Hell no, its a tamilized version of “parantha” otherwise referred to as “Barota” usually. Im sure that guy makes better pizzas!

These two were due to the adventurous nature of the shopkeepers to translate tamil into english with obviously disastrous outcomes!

5. “Fresh Sicken on sale” – Ok, tamil language lacks a proper “ch” so often one ends up using “s” wherever the need arises. But whats a sicken?? A sick chicken ?? Hehe. Im not sure I want one of those, fresh or stale!

6.”Velu Military Hotel – Now in Paris” – Does he mean Paris? Or Parry’s ? (Parry’s corner is an important landmark in Chennai)

7. “YemmYessVeeYenn” – Was that a simple M.S.V.N ?

8. I know numerology is in vogue…but this chap definitely did some major work there ” Ayyyaapppar Sweets and Snacks”

9. The lights of this neon hoarding werent fully operational. Ironically it was in a light fittings shop. So this is what the hoarding ended up looking like. ” Come, tighten your fittings for free”. From far off, it doesnt quite make the sense it is supposed to !
Ahem! No thanks.

Confessions of travelling in a car with tinted windows : Its fun to watch people on two wheelers, do stuff to their hair and check their appearance. As a kid, I used to giggle while watching them from inside, then roll down the windows and show them a thumbs up only to see their embarassed red faces.

I saw a Harley Davidson in Chennai today!!! Man, I stared that motorbike down and the rider also continuously stared back. Not knowing how he could possibly make out I was looking at the bike, I realized only later that my car didnt have tinted windows!! Must be thinking, I m mad!


6 thoughts on “Humour in billboards…

  1. LOL !
    i remember seeing a shop in mylapore .. gaylord suitings .. i wondered if the shop were getting any customers at all
    n @ vid : i dunno abt hyd, but i think near doon school theres a sign that says: please do not commit suicide on this side, do it on the other side of the lake !

  2. LOL.. The Caught Snapping column in nxg (I think) is full of these.. menu boards of small tiffin centres seem to be a favourite

  3. hehehe..nice…
    btw…abt the harley part..there is one on display in Honeywell Main Building (apparently its given to their director, Krishna for his contribution to the company and blah blah..)
    i am thinking of asking the security personnel whether i can take a pic of it… 😀

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