The 100th pail of water

My mom always tells me this story when I am running out of steam or enthusiasm about something. This usually happens when one gets bored of studying for an exam or is no longer interested in something that he/she was passionate about. This has somehow got ingrained in my head… I have seen numerous examples of this everywhere. I would love to share it with everyone since it is beautiful and really simple.

Once, an old lady was very sad. She wanted so many things in life which God did not grant her. So one day, taking pity on her, God appeared and told her that all her wishes will be granted if she poured 100 pails of water in one dying patch of a garden. She readily agreed.

She set to work next morning, pouring and pouring the water drawing it from a well. She was initially enthusiastic about it, but the scorching sun and the effort in drawing water from the well slowly flagged her spirit. Still, determined she continued until she reached the 99th pail. She was absolutely tired and worn out and now a little angry too. She thought ” Arre! I have poured 99 pails of water and nothing has come out of it, what will happen if I pour the 100th?”. She abandoned the activity and went back to her home. Tired and sad that she was tricked.

But hey!, didnt God just say 100 ? He said he would grant her wish if she poured 100 pails of water! Why did she not complete the task then?

The same thing is true for many of us. We huff and puff our way into doing something and then last minute back off. I am not only talking about our personal lives, look at the various examples around us. The Government spends crores of rupees on a project to benefit the people, they work tirelessly for ten or even twenty years and then back off! What does that result in? People cant use that piece of infrastructure and it is nothing but money wasted.

I got reminded of this as I was driving through a 99% completed flyover i encounter enroute which has been in the same sorry state for the last 5 years. There is another 10 meters of flyover to be built, even the roads are ready. But now, political parties use that cement to paint posters and publicize election rallys and film posters are all over it. Cars need to inch along and it is extremely crowded. Why didnt they just let it be?

Even in life, it is the last pail of water that counts. Everything upto that remains null and void. One must complete the entire task to get the benfits and fruits.

Wish I could tell the Government that!


2 thoughts on “The 100th pail of water

  1. hey…very nice post..
    i won’t call it very familiar…because..i back out much before that 99% contribution..

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