The mid-vacation standstill

I love adventure, I love being challenged. I love working and sweating to the point where my mind refuses to take in more and I collapse on my bed into a deep, dreamless sleep. I hate over-sleeping. I hate being jobless. I hate just staring at my computer screen with my cursor blinking on the adress bar of the mozilla browser, waiting to be directed, some site name waiting to be written.
The past week was exactly what I didnt want it to be. Long hours of waiting, hours of a seminar I did not relate to much. Tons of boring papers to go through and most importantly, just having no work.
I guess a mid-vacation crisis has struck. What began on a hectic note what with the GRE preparation (which began from scratch), the swimming, the walks this n that sadly have lost steam. The pool is under maintenance, the occasional showers convert the tennis courts into a marshy swamp and the GRE has also been taken.
I know that the next few months are going to be hectic, what with two projects and the whole university application procedure to be started, CAT preparation and the placements, but I hate being jobless.
IM SO BORED. This post is so whiny, because I am in a mood to crib about my vacations to anyone who would empathize with me. ( To most, I know being jobless is something dreams are made of).


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