The demise of the gastronomic realms

The planet seems to be moving towards the new order of the day. DONT EAT. Everywhere I go, I end up meeting people who take excruciating pains to calculate the calories the next bite of food will induce into their bodies. Worse, they even sleep-talk about how probably the notion about groundnut oil being good is debatable and ghee is almost equivalent to poison.

Sigh.Where have the people like me gone??? Coming straight to the point, where are the foodies? Where have the connoisseurs of ambrosia gone? Probably out of work. Now they are replaced by dieticians and models who choose to write diet books as to how to remain stick thin for life. (read Yana Gupta).
Okay, being flabby aint good. One must be healthy. The age-old concept of eating right, exercising blah blah still holds good. But hey, eating is not a crime!! Talking about food is perhaps the latest ice-breaker in glum gatherings. Mention weight-loss, and voila! the whole place erupts with suggestions and recommendations.

Being on the wrong side of the weighing scale myself, I am often subjected to long and irate tirades of how one must not eat at night, eat just 300 calories a day! (seriously! am I supposed to count??) and probably the next thing ‘d be told is to just sniff food from a distance or resort to converting solar-energy into food. Frankly, it has been ruining my peace of mind as well. Any dinner with friends (girls) ends in a salad being eaten by six people and some weird juice like lemongrass or aloe vera. (YUCK!) Supermarkets are filled with zero-fat and zero-sugar stuff which tastes like a load of just pure crap. Whatever happened to good meals ?

If you havent guessed by now, I am a complete foodie, bordering on the verge of gluttony. I think bad meals in college have something to do with it as well.I would love tucking into a nice wholesome south indian meal replete with ghee and other condiments unlike the saffola cooked-microwaved food, or else taste nice hot brownies sometime with real chocolate unlike the sugar free brownie which tastes like chewing cloth. I love to explore the limits of the gastonomic world tasting everything (vegetarian) from everywhere cooked well. I am frankly sick of looking up labels on everything I pick up.

The newspapers and periodicals are full of low-calorie recipies and tips on cooking food without oil. Channels show case the super-slim people and how they got to that. ( I am almost thorough with what Kareena Kapoor did to become that size zero!). Endless interviews about what one should do to lose that extra weight. ( Hell, the browser window on facebook aslo shows me “tips to lose that belly fat”)

For all you know, the rebel in me might be squished and I might join the brigade of the half-a-lettuce-for-lunch people. Its sad, good food is out of fashion.

I admit, I am sooo jealous of the people who gorge all they want and still remain stick thin. I wish!


4 thoughts on “The demise of the gastronomic realms

  1. I once went out with a group of out of college friends, and we ordered some stuff at the restaurant. I ordered a nice cheese burger as it had been quite some time since I have had one. Before I could chomp away, I saw this girl looking at it, terrified. Her eyes seemed to grow bigger by the minute and it seemed like she had some breathing difficulty. All this looking at my burger. When asked what her problem was, she rattled off the ingredients with its numbers. I asked the waiter to pack it up, told her I had a meeting elsewhere, asked her to ‘please’ foot my bill and left. šŸ™‚

    Make fun of me, but not my food and definitely not by defining it by numbers!!

    ps: Don’t judge me on the basis of this incident. I wanted an excuse to get out of there! šŸ˜€

  2. “I admit, I am sooo jealous of the people who gorge all they want and still remain stick thin.”

    Ahh, those thin people have their own plight! šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜€

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