A palette of mish-mash

Thats been quite a long break considering the fact Ive not been busy at all. Life is relaxed and to the outside world it might seem like a perfect holiday in an exotic destination. True to an extent and in so many ways just the opposite.

Okay everyone, Im at the fag end of my college life. In fact, its ended already. I dont have filled timetables, no labs, hardly any classes and worst part everyone is asking “Whats next?”. Its like your current position doesnt matter. Where you are today is just the one last remaining part of your college education which ended 3 months back. I gaze at the crowded notice boards only to realize none of that matters to me. “Department of Sponsorship”, “Arts and Deco”, “Music Club Auditions” and so on… I look at the flurry of excited faces and how they chat animatedly amongst themselves. I walk away remembering my first days back here. Walk to the placement office and stare at the notices flying away in the wet breeze. Nothing much there either.

I sat in the library today (which is also very different from what it was three years back) and introspected. Three years. Just three years has changed my life so much. Its no longer just the change in classrooms or class teachers as it was back in school. It amazes me that I will not be coming back here ever as a student. I wont get to see the blinding rains, the beautifully landscaped campus lawns or the numerous pairs of capris walking around in the campus blissfully unaware of the life that lay ahead.

I miss my friends. All the people who made my stay so memorable here. The people I spoke to all night till I started typing something which even i wasnt aware of, or the DC spamming, the constant prattle of unceremonious words from weirdest nicknames dotting the blue screen, the familiar faces, the occasional smiles, the last exams, the full classrooms, the lecture theatres… everything.

I know probably many of them wont remember me or miss me, but I miss them. Its lonely to be back without everyone. Probably I should learn to make the best of what I have. I am not cribbing or complaning, Im just missing people.

Life will go on. It will be full of things both weird and uncanny, things that will make me sad and happy, things to remember, things to enjoy.
I did enjoy an amazing sunday with someone who is thankfully still here. (albeit it was a little too wet).
This post has nothing in particular worth mentioning. Just a lot of mish-mash. The state my brain is in now.