Fumes of Death

I don’t know how many people watch Boston Legal. The fifth season premiered a month back and I got the chance to lay my hands on it just today and boy! I was floored! It sends a straight message to all the people who smoke. Don’t do it. Combined with brilliant statistics (though it speaks mainly of the USA), I think the figures would only look worse in India, the tactics they use and strung together by the ever-amazing Allan Shore (James Spader), the first episode was a treat.

When I have told people (in fact, I tell anyone I remotely know and who smokes), they have defended themselves. Hurled expletives at me for trespassing into their private domain. Quoted some extremely rebellious lines from Ayn Rand, who glorified smoking in one of her books and what not. They tell me its their life. It just hurts to see such brilliant people who have amazing potential to start killing themselves at such an early age.Tell me what you have to, the truth doesn’t change.

What hurts me most is that educated people like us, who are totally aware of everything right from the tactics used by the tobacco company, to the downside of smoking, passive smoking, addiction et.al are the people who do it the most. I’m talking about young adults in their twenties and late teens who are still enjoying their financial independence, who are now addicted to smoking.

I’ve seen so many people huffing and puffing themselves to their graves. Literally. They will not realize it now, (the people who do, God bless them). But it has become a symbol. A sign that they are the rebels, the ‘big boys’, the ‘cool’ people who with a burning stick of nicotine in their hands rule the world. Any college is infested with so many smokers who are literally addicted to it. They dont realize, no amount of sorry or deep regret to their habit would improve their health unless they let go of their addiction. Seek help, if wanted but do not kill yourself and hurt the people who love and care about you the most.

Smoking is not cool. It is not something one does to get high and get away from life’s problems and obstacles. Although, most people do it for precisely that. Passive smoking kills more people than active smoking. Lung cancer, tuberculosis, oral cancer everything is attributed to smoking and yet lo behold! we still do it.

I know writing this post is of no point because the smokers would continue to do what they like and the non-smokers agree with the contents of the post. But someday, the people who smoke will realize what they are actually doing and that remorse will be the greatest they would ever experience. The feeling of killing yourself and the people around you right from your teens, when you are at the brink of experiencing the greatest joys in the world. Still, I write this post because I feel strongly for it. I believe anyone’s life is too short to be threatened by such serious diseases.

Watch Boston Legal Season 5 Episode 1. Sadly, I know folks here would head for the J, minutes after watching it to grab that vicious piece of nicotine.


6 thoughts on “Fumes of Death

  1. i used to think smoking was more about a coolness quotient, till more than half my corridor started it. I think its got less to do with any coolness perception than with an inane addiction to it, much like an addiction or obsession to keep things neat and clean. They feel their success depends on it. The funny thing is they forget that they’v not fared so bad without it till they got here.
    I havn’t seen Boston Legal, yet i can be reasonably confident that it won’t really sway many minds. Sad, but true.

  2. I think most of d genuine smokers,don’t do it for d coolness part.Yaa but then u”l find some school kids trying to luk cool with it.But d smokers which i know,including me,its jus pure addiction as ppl drink tea/other beverages.
    Though i belv its a wrong thing to get addicted to something dat affects ur health but than ppl aroun smokers shud motivte them to quit smoking rather den saying “Jus stop smoking,i don’t care,u have to else blaahh blahh”

    Non smokers shud understnd dat its nt dat easy to quit smoking,it takes a stepwise process,u jus cant wake up one mrning n say “ohh,im nt gonna smoke tdy AT ALL”,but then non smokers jus think its like some habbit of puffing smoke out of ur mouth.

    I don’t promote smoking even being a smoker.I enjoy smoking but i wont like to give smbdy a passive death.
    So all in all,Those who enjoy smoking,smoke alone or with other smokers but don’t affct other ppl with ur addiction

  3. Well great post! But rather than commenting on the post, i would like to comment on the comments.
    most of them have said that smoking is more about addiction than about coolness. But to start with, when people start, the very first butt which touches their mouth, they are not addicted. Hell most of them actually cannot take the fumes and cough and still they voluntarily take the next one and the next one. Till the point they can easily hide behind the coy excuse ” It’s not me its the addiction.”
    Well if anybody wants to truly leave smoking, there are many NGO’s who help you do it and also keep you anonymus.

  4. I think — “It’s their life. If they smoke beside me, I’ll kick their ass, but if they are educated, blah and blah, I think they know better than me to take care of themselves. It is their life and even though it might frustrate you or me, we have to accept that. I know all the facts about passive smoking, but I guess bring rules to stop that in public places et al and let these guys live and smoke till they can.”

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