Travelogue: Pune

The last month has seen a lot of travelling on my front. First to Pune and then to Mumbai. It has been hectic with back to back weekends spent in these two cities. This post is about Pune, the place where I visited to give the CAT. (Do not ask me how it was btw).

I spent an uncertain evening waiting in Vasco waiting for the Cozy Nook travels bus to take me to Panjim. I stood waiting near the bus on which “Cozy Nook” had been painted in bold red paint, only to be told half an hour later by some man to board the bus on which “Laxmi travels” was written. Uncertain to believe him (he looked scary and had been staring in my direction for sometime), I continued to stand where I was periodically glancing at the bus he mentioned. I finally found someone from college, one of the dc-regulars-but-never-met-in-person friend. He turned out to be another novice at bus travel and we stood there uncertain about which bus to board. Finally when the Cozy Nook travels bus showed no signs of movement we boarded the bus shown by that man. He was the driver!

The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful apart from the numerous drafts I wrote in my head about complaining to the Panjim authorities about drilling some traffic sense into people. I kept dodging cars as I stood in the bus stop waiting for my bus to arrive. Once into the bus, I slept off almost instantly. The a/c felt so comforting after the long hours in the electricity-less sweaty campus.

The nip in the air was just about pleasant as I got off the bus at the Swar Gate bus stop. The car took me to my destination. Surprisingly the drive was very short, less than 15 minutes long which is rather unusual for a defence organization because usually they are located on the outskirts of the city.

The day I spent catching up with my sleep. The weather was pleasant and the occasional TV kept me entertained though the day. The next day was all the action.

Pune is a beautiful city. I liked the fact that it was small, takes no time to travel from one end to another, has loads of old british buildings and is not too polluted. My exam center, Nowrosjee Wadia College was one of the most pretty colleges I have been too. Huge stone arches, an imposing library and the British architecture appealed to me. After the exam, I went to meet a college friend at a popular theatre complex, E square. Being a sunday afternoon, the crowd was immense and no tickets to any show were available. We killed time talking about various things right from future plans to campus stories to personal lives. It was refreshing.

He took me to Fergusson College in Pune, the place where he did his 11th and 12th from. Again, it was extremely pretty with lots of empty spaces, trees, a unique structure “Kimaya” which served as a stage for plays and campus hangout. We spent a lot of time there walking around the place and then settled down at the Kimaya catching up with each other. It was nice to have a personal conversation unlike the electronic ones we have everyday. Somehow those are so soothing and enjoyable. Something that this cyber age simply cannot replace.

After a huge family pizza at Papa John’s, I left for Goa. Pune had brilliant weather. Not hot, not cold and not smoky or dirty. One was perfectly comfortable riding pillion on a bike even in the most crowded roads. Something unimaginable in places like Chennai or Delhi.

I reached college early morning next day. It was a short, fun trip to a place Ive always wanted to go. I felt that one way this place beats Bangalore is that the city is not stretched to its limits. It seems just about full and has the perfect amount of everything. Of course, Bangalore is much bigger and commute within the city takes longer than it takes to travel from Chennai to Bangalore itself, but there is something about Pune that makes you feel at home.

I would love to go to Pune again. Sometime, hopefully. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Travelogue: Pune

  1. hmm…nice trip you had..
    most probably my FMS center is gonna be in pune only…will read ur post once again before leaving πŸ˜€

  2. I still don’t know why you went n gave the exam. you could have spent those 3 hrs (or whatever the paper time) exploring pune πŸ˜›

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