As the curtains fall…

This is a post typical of this time of the year. But hang on, there will be no looking forward to the next semester in this campus. My home away from home for the last three and a half years is no longer mine. My days in this campus are over.

As I sift through heaps of luggage and things brought semester after semester from home and pack it into cartons, I realize how much luggage I have accumulated. But then, it has been three and a half years here! And it seems like a very very long time on paper. But it never felt like it, the days just zipped past!

Unlike most others, I came here from Pilani campus. Pilani matched the image of a college in my head. Huge, lots of people, old buildings, creaky fans, extensive library, ragging, seniors blah blah. But this place was different. Apart from the look of a swanky resort, it lacked many of the features of a college and worse, the first semester had mini-tests also. Goodness! I remember how I hated this place. It only reminded me of my coaching institute and I wondered if my college life was ever going to be fun here!

Come second semester and things changed. I got my laptop and LAN entered our lives with the simple ip scanner. Bunking began on a large scale with the removal of mini-tests and it was only then that my life here opened up. Eateries emerged, labs got built and new faculty was recruited. It was almost like following the growth of a new-born baby…and four years down the line, it has developed..and how!

Second year onwards college life in Goa was fun. Shacks, beach trips, late-night movies, maggi in hostels, chatting with friends, bunking classes, last minute studies etc all of it began. The most important thing DC (Direct Connect) was also introduced in the LAN. After that, things were no longer the same. Gaming,movies, tv shows and other staple forms of entertainment began to flourish. From being a person who seldom swore at others, I learnt almost everything perceptible in the domain of colorful language. From catching one or two shows of english sitcoms on Star World or Zee Cafe, entire shows were seen and followed. It was freedom of sorts, freedom that perhaps one could never get anywhere else.

Today as I write this post about my last week on campus , I realize that the goodbyes I would be saying in the next few days would be the real goodbyes. Everyone would go their own way, following their career paths and be in different practice stations in different places. The next time we would meet, it would all be different, jobs, careers, marriage, spouse and even children might enter the picture. It is scary to think that no longer will I knock their rooms and see them in shorts, with a movie paused on their comps and rooms scattered.

As the curtains fall, I am filled with a lot of joy and a considerable amount of sadness. I am looking forward to the next phase of my life and meeting new people and growing further. But I will cherish forever the memories both good and bad that I had here, the teachers who taught me and other who influenced my stay here, the college cafeteria where I ate my everyday breakfast or the familiar naughty smile of Agnelo in Monginis. I’ll miss wishing the teachers who hardly taught me and I’ll miss looking at the faces of hundreds of my college mates as I walked through these corridors.

ADIOS BITS-PILANI,GOA CAMPUS. (Tasty farewells though, I guess they looked to make up for the mess food! 😀 )

Note on Goa:I’ve spent so much time in a tourist destination and I must hasten to add, it is slight over hyped. Probably for the tourist in a shoe-string budget, or people like us with no reservations in the opulent hotels and resorts here, Goa is a lazy place. Shopkeepers hardly show any interest in you unless u don sunglasses or have blond hair and blue eyes.Shopping is negligible and the famed flea market is also over-priced considering the cheap things they sell. The beaches are good and clean and the Goan shacks serve excellent stuff for the non-vegetarians esp sea food. Of course, this is the place of bars and pubs and I guess getting beer here is easier than a bottle of mineral water. Splendid watering hole. The pollution is very less so probably biking is awesome fun. Some sights are pretty and it is mostly the wild ones which are prettier than the standard ones shown. All the liquor tax you save, goes in the road-tax here. Its useless here without your own conveyance. All in all, good for a holiday in case you haven’t seen a beach all your life, are a non-vegetarian and are a heavy drinker. Otherwise, give Goa a miss!


4 thoughts on “As the curtains fall…

  1. i cannot imagine how life would be like without you there in the campus next sem….
    i am gonna miss you terribly..
    gonna miss you whenever i am going to anant ashram (remember the tasty shahi paneer??)..i am gonna remember you on my trips to SC, IC and the juice center…i am gonna miss you whenever i will be having a coffeee….hell!! i am gonna miss you every single moment that i will spend in the college and even after that…
    i hope u miss me too..

  2. well it might sound mean but as the curtains on your college life faal, i on the otherhand will have college life part -2 \m/.

    and goa is not all that bad.

    ps: it was meant to sound mean 😀

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