Crazy about….nothing in particular!

Do u belong to this particular species of people who can just about take/ eat / bear/ like anything?? Well if your answer is yes, then we belong to the same category. I am surrounded by people who are so particular about their likes and dislikes. They cant eat this, dont like that colour, that style, dont like this smell, that dish etc etc. Not me. For me everything is just okay and good unless its really really bad.

Well of course, I do have some likes and dislikes. For example, I am a strict eggetarian. I do not eat fish/meat/beef/pork etc etc. I also love dogs. But apart from being in such wide categories of people liking this and that, I do not have any particular tastes. I can eat any vegetable, any dish (even horribly cooked…thanks to college mess for that!), drink any juice, watch any movie (action, horror, drama, comedy), read ANY book, bear any climate ( though I love rains…I also like winters and summers also to an extent). See what I mean, I belong to no particular category.

There are people, I know who are damn particular. They like their sandwich like this, a particular palette of colours to wear, a select range of fruits and know exactly what they want when they enter a restaurant or a store. They give precise orders for dinner, go to a hundred shops before picking anything they like and are willing to go to the ends of the earth to find that ONE thing they really really want. On introspection, I discovered I am not like that at all. Its not like I don’t like anything, in fact I like almost everything. I love experimenting with tastes, outfits, music, books and am pretty satisfied with the results everytime. It is funny and entertaining to observe people reject most dishes, a hundred clothes/ shoes before they pick one and know what they exactly want. Of course, I know what I want from the bigger picture of life, like what I want to do with my life and what I want to study, but sometimes, when it comes to tiny things like these, I’m simply good with anything.

So be prepared for my answer if you ask me what Iwant to eat…I’ll just say, “ANYTHING”. 😀


5 thoughts on “Crazy about….nothing in particular!

  1. and going on shopping with such people is Horrendous, I have plenty of such people around me…and the tough part is that I can’t escape them. *Phew*

  2. hmm yes many people who belong to this specific category have wierd reasons to support their likings/dislikings which sometimes are funny. and i suppose generally there r more gals than boys in this category 😛

  3. lol! eating shopping, nothing asked! anything, anytime, anywhere!
    thank GOD i now have a friend blogger. I am SO tired of finding only only mommy blogs all over the net you know????? (i do like them very much though – they can be kinda cute!)
    will start posting more often now – yayyyy!!
    thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. well to an xtent ur kind… hav my likes n dislikes , but am @least game to try out nethin new and wiild 😛
    strictly eggetarian
    cheers keep snowtubing .. tell us abt tht too

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