Life @ Pune!

Its been a long time since I wrote a post and that is because life has undergone a sea change. Complete makeover. Something unfathomable in a span of 30 days. From another ordinary engineering student on the brink of graduation and saturation of campus life, I was thrown into the real world.. complete with the job aspect, independent flat-like accommodation and completely new set of people. ( Even the people interning with me here are those I’ve never spoken to in the last three and a half years of my life there!)

Let me start with Pune. Yes, I did get an overview when I came here last November. But now, its more intense. I am living in one of the richest suburbs of Asia, ( the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corp. was the wealthiest in Asia before the recession…I dont know its standing now), amid huge industries whose products one seldom sees in commercial markets. Sandvik Asia, Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, Premier (Ah! Remember the Fiat car anyone?), Thermax,Force , Greaves Cotton etc have set up shop here. The Mumbai-Pune road is bursting with heavy traffic and the road crossing requires a jog to make it in one red light. It is dusty, upcoming and lined with office buses. Sadly, our company does not ferry us anymore from place of living till office. It is a different lifestyle here among the common middle class people, working in these huge industries and contributing to the economy in their own little way. A sudden shift from the huge crowd of students in late-teens, sleeping the whole day, bunking classes, hogging in canteens and dressing in typical college fashion. Everyone is well-dressed, talking work, working briskly and the most surprising of all looking at their watches ever so often to make sure they are on time!(I am sure college-goers have done it too but only in the most boring lectures).

Work is fine, professional and thankfully my project invovles me directly implementing what I have learnt as a Chemical Engineer. For many, their projects have taken them to different domains of engineering or marketing, giving us an experience of a lifetime! Lunch-breaks are timed and slowly we are also making our way back to our desks on time. Entry-exits are also according to office timings. Evenings are spent in transit back home which involves long walks and then dinner and sleep. There is no time for anything at all! Eyes begin to shut at 10:30 pm sharp ( a time they used to open back in college) and we are wide awake by 7 am all set for the next day! Weeks have flown…three already here and I seriously wonder if life goes on so fast!

Pune is a great city. Osho Ashram and the area surrounding it is my absolute favourite! Lush green and clean, pollution free, you hardly remember you live in Pune. Fergusson College road, ShivajiNagar, J.M Road (Junglee Maharaj Road..thats coz of a temple there) are nice to walk around…F.C being my absolute favorite for weekend shopping . Books, accesories, flip-flops, bags are found in plenty! ( Great place for bargains and colour coordinating your outfits!)

Well that about describes my life here. Good food, new girls (with interesting stories to tell!), nice place (albeit a little dusty so I am soon joining the Pune bandwagon of wearing huge scarves and looking taliban-ish to protect myself from being caked in dust!), good malls and a very huge population of youngsters. Language not a problem…everyone understands hindi perfectly well and the weather is good now since its not summer yet.

The freedom and independence feels so good…apart from the responsibilty it shoulders on you. I’m loving it!


5 thoughts on “Life @ Pune!

  1. hi there, its a wonderful city isn’t it… i moved here 6 years ago and have loved every moment, lots of places to hang-out and its got all the qualities of a metro but without the terrible congestion, pollution and throngs and throngs of people.

    i stay in the pradhikaran area, its pretty, quiet and clean. only disadvantage is that its 40 minutes away from pune city.

    anyhow, have a nice time!

  2. aha! The Osho Ashram u mentioned! πŸ˜€ hope u know the “dirty” truths abt the same, and abt the locality-Kondhwa Park, if i’m not mistaken..
    and btw..Pimpri-Chinchwad is hardly fact its not even in Pune (my reasoning is, its got its own Municipal Corporation-The PCMC!)
    πŸ˜€ anyways..glad that u liked my “second hometown” πŸ˜‰
    tc.. hv fun!

  3. Pune is cute litte place indeed… one that quickly absorbs you. Its been above a year I have been here and have yet to visit the Pimpri-Chinchwad area. But I have heard good things about it. Ditto on the independence part. Ill always remember Pune for being my first stint with free living.

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