(The reason there are two posts on the same day is because I wrote the last one 3 days back and forgot to publish it!)
I recently took this quiz on facebook “Are you weird”. Never mind that the quiz asked some really bizarre questions like “Do you say idk often”. (Don’t ask me what idk means) The answer was “Yes, your family and friends were right, you are weird”. Not that I believe a word of those facebook quizzes which have some rather interesting ones like “Are you a jackass? “ (My fav, despite the answer being I’m not) or “What is your real Japanese name” (as if I wanted to know which by the way told me I belong to Okinawa), this is true in some departments. I agree I am weird particularly in the things I keep noticing apart from music. It is not the same everyone spots (at least most don’t) regularly. ( The facebook and its new avatar and plethora of quizzes is a different story altogether).

I remember one boy in my school for the beautiful nails he had. In fact whenever he used to distribute notebooks, my eyes used to stare fixedly at his beautiful nails. ( Okay, someone caught me staring and immediately the teasing began, typical of middle school). But he really had pretty nails. The most pretty I’ve seen till today, even among girls! Or I remember appreciating a particular shirt’s buttons more than anything else. Like how I liked my friend’s spectacles for the font with which the brand was written. I like tops for a nicely cut small slit somewhere or a pant for that tiny slit near the ankle. I liked shoes for one tiny flag stitched on the sides or picked bracelets and earrings for one tiny pattern I loved, which would be oblivious to most. I find odd things in people too interesting. Like in my coaching class, I used to be the only one in love with my teacher’s shoes. ( Hey it was bright yellow and he used to contrast it with black pants).I liked the way someone’s hair curled only in one place or the unsymmetrical nose. I liked those huge turbans which the Rajasthani men wore. I love lightning and thunder and used to get super excited when a cyclone would approach Chennai (mostly it missed) to the dismay of my parents. Like I watching the smoke swirl in the air or even the condensed milk (Milkmaid anyone?) drop slowly in curling fashion from my spoon into the bowl or the noise my dog makes when he crunches potato chips or his ear-smell or watching him eat bhutta (corn cobs). Like I love the stiff way the goats hop or the cute way the pigs’ tails curl up. There are so many words I just love looking at in print in books or the one word written on the dedications page in a novel. Weird stuff, you’ll agree!

It is funny when you appreciate things that most don’t. Mostly dismissed hilariously, some choose to look at you questionably! Anyway, it was a random post which makes no sense, written because I am getting very bored testing the program I wrote for the last three months. I can only hope to be challenged soon with some work that’ll require me to use one small fraction of my tiny brain rotting for months up there or fed on redundant useless information.
Hope is eternal 😀


One thought on “Randomness

  1. Jus have one thing to say,if not wierder…am atleast as wierd as ya.The list of little things i like goes on and on.You put that stuff in words in a very nice way;)

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