Current Affairs and I

This has become one sad relationship. From being a person, keeping herself abreast of every happening, national or international, sports or entertainment, I have become one who has completely given up on national politics. Elections are perhaps the biggest reality show of India. Parties buying seats, bribing, anticipatory bails, the history of politicians are so mind-numbing, especially their crime records that you shudder to call them a national leader.

The Jaago re guy will probably not say I’m sleeping, he’ll say im dead or in a coma but I do feel a little guilty about my disinterested behaviour towards the elections. This is probably the most ‘happening’ time in India. But I do not know how my interest has died now. Now I’ll wait for the results when the Prime Minister will take his oath and a new government, alliances will be formed. I have lost track of the political parties ( the abbreviations are killing!) and their quest for power. It all seems like one dirty game. I don’t even feel like reading the front page and entertainment always came the last.I scan the front few national news pages like a scanner without registering much and grinning at the occasional mud-slinging and contradictions.

Sad na, now that I am officially eligible to vote, I have lost all interest in the government making process. It is a very bad thing I know. People should remain interested and perhaps take initiatives also. But no one is perfect. Me included.


One thought on “Current Affairs and I

  1. 😦 i dont even read the papers !
    i blame it on being tired of this place though.
    bits goa is now like solitary confinement . the only thought is about getting OUT!
    Even otherwise yeah the mess of politics takes a lot of patience to follow.So im jus the irresponsible citizen who uses that energy to follow football instead :B

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