Girl Talk: Geek Quotient

Warning : Guys again, can choose to skip. ( Though I know everyone reads it…still its more of a disclaimer)

Every girl knows that geeky girls are not considered dating material. Deny it all you want, the truth and the vast majority prefer the so-called “girly-girls”. C’mon! Who likes to date a bespectacled girl, clad in a jean and loose-tee (just like any guy)with worn-out sneaker speaking of genetic algorithms, planetorial movements or the latest open-source software? It is not as if geeky girls are not pretty. Pretty they might be, but the presence of techo or geeky topics in conversations does turn men/boys off and they suddenly shift in perspective from dating material to friend material.

So I thought maybe there should be a geek quotient or something which would accurately define us girls so as to know where we stand on the geek-o-meter. Sheldon ( The Big Bang Theory does top the list!) but I sometimes wonder if the serial would have been a hit had it been a girl who was geeky and the guy hot. ( Hang on! Its a nice plot for a story na!..hmm..I’ll work on it!). But some amount of geekiness has definitely slipped into all of us girls in premier engineering colleges. Hasn’t it happened that you describe sari colours in percentages? I have. It is very common for me to say ” It has 75% grey and 20% yellow and the rest is semi creamy shade” or described yourself as “My x and y axes are not that tiny but my z axis definitely is”. What about ” I had this awesome dream which felt like a real-life simulation of a aeroplane cock-pit?” or sometimes “The soup was semi-solid, almost like molten metal” or “The probability of that happening is between 0 and 0.005″ or even sworn at people saying ” You are an as***** raised to power n where n tends to infinity”.Have you estimated the length of a floor-tile standing in a teacher’s chamber when he is yelling at you and then googling it to excitedly tell that tessellations is indeed an art and marvel at the way they tile the curves or bends in a corridor in front of an amused audience? I have.
Get my point?

So rating myself, I’d call myself a decent 7 on a scale of 10. I guess the worst I have done is remembering all the rice,chess board and probability questions sitting on the dining table at a restaurant using the table cloth as the chess board. Needless to say, I am without a date! 😛


11 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Geek Quotient

  1. u have put a disclaimer for the guys to skip this one, but i guess they are the ones fit to comment on the validity of your hypothesis(!) 😉

    well I have done a lot of things u mentioned and many more… wouldnt like to elucidate though… i dont want to remain dateless 😛

  2. Ah, well that is the difference. I would like to date people who know me for exactly what I am. It saves a lot of trouble you know!

  3. hi,

    it would really help if you could quantify the geek quotient that you speak of. i would myself do that, but being a guy, i don’t think i could do much justice to the topic 🙂

  4. *bows in admiration*

    this is gonna be a rather long comment, so lets get the point across first. _/\_ nita!

    yep, finally the girly side of geekiness 😛 people actually wonder whats gone into your head if you wear something that isnt your trademark jeans + tees. well, most (in fact, come to think of it, all)these people happen to be guys.

    might sound odd to the non-geeky junta, but im actually happy someone brought up this topic, existence of geeky girls.. :’) sneef…

    dont think geekiness matters when it comes to dating though. i mean, why would u wanna date a guy who cant tell his alphas from his betas, and expects his date to not know either?

    (yes, im bored. T2 coming up 😐 )

  5. i loved this one..and you are so right about this.
    was watching this boston legal episode when allen shore(prodigal attorney) tells shirley(super intelligent boss his mother’s age) that he is totally turned on by her “stunning intellect”
    was wondering if real guys actually think like that.
    i guess only a really intelligent guy can appreciate intelligence in women and find that a desirable quality.for the rest of them, they r just happy having some eye candy that talks about ‘pink’ and ‘shoes’ no matter how much it bores them..who wants such dumb guys anyways?!

    go geeky girl!

  6. $%*#$&%^%@#$

    in case u r unable to decode that, it means that your post is pathetic. if there existed a number beyond infinity, the patheticness of ur post will out-value this number by a huge margin. I repent having ignored ur disclaimer (proper care will be taken later 🙂 )

    ps: wats so wrong in geeky girls ?

  7. shud i tell u abt the hell i faced , (from frenz) for declarin tht my dcgpa/dt is most negative compared to all theirs ?
    i was called a geek for presenting evidence to the absolute contrary

  8. gowri is the phoduest of the lot, she has to undergo some amount of teasing! she whines way too much!
    the most negative dcgpa/dt

    roflest thing ever!

  9. Why the disclaimer? Let guys read and give it a thought!

    Arey you have no idea how much I get turned on by geekiness in your sex. I go plain nuts! And I’ve told you about my feelings for bespectacled nerdy-looking girls na 😉

    And guess who made me a geek! 🙂

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