Happy Birthday, Whisky.

It has been ten years today that you, my delightful little pooch, were born. These ten years with you were perhaps the best I have ever had. You came into my life that hot May afternoon, a little bundle of fur with the cutest little back eyes and ears that were partly folded. I was the first to take you in my arms before you sniffed me gently and settled on my lap as I looked at you with wonder. Watching you grow up has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. As a little girl of under 12, I for the first time understood what it was to love someone so deeply and responsibly bring you up almost single handedly. Your illnesses, the way you used to hide in the dirtiest corners or the way you went about using my room as a toilet at night times, to the times you used to prance about the house, run over the sofas, bite the cushions or even try to lift heavy shoes and put them on the bed or every time that I feel sad or bad, you are always there, pink tongue, folded ears with the licks that drip with love, everything has been one amazing journey of my life.

You definitely are the king of our house. Everyone dotes on you. You sit with mom and give her company while she cooks in the kitchen, occasionally picking up a potato and biting it just for fun. You always are awake to receive chimmy even when she comes back from office at odd hours or give Dad company on his early morning walks or wait for him by the door everyday without fail when he comes back from the office. You love chasing crows, barking at the milkman and driver, biting your own paws just to irritate me or push my books away when you feel I am not listening or looking at you. Each and everything you do, is perhaps the most innocent and most beautiful things any living being can do. Let it be that you are very choosy about your food and most of our dinner-table discussions are about what to feed you or the way you have bitten off my favorite stickers or the blankets or each sock of dad’s. Every time I come home, more than anything, it is for you. I dream for days about the little angel who would be vigorously wagging his tail and waiting for me at the door with all the love in the world.

I have scolded you the most, punished you in the most novel ways (including making you stand in the attic) or even yelled at you for many of my things that you have destroyed. But Whisky, there is no moment in my life for all these ten years where you haven’t been there. I speak no end about you or your doings to all my friends and every day I wake up hoping to find your cute face looking at mine trying to wake me up or feel your warmth as you curl up under my bed sheet.

Your sleeping chair, the bathing times we had when you loved to sneak in when I was having a bath or when you barked and called your towel from the shelf when you were wet, hoping it’d come , the way you proudly show off your toys or simply love playing football around the house or the best being, when you dig holes in the ground or hide cricket balls in the mud whenever the boys next door hit a six, never once giving it back, the way you waited to be dressed patiently in your socks and sweater or ate eggs at your favourite restaurant or waited for me to pull out all your ticks or never hesitate to ask for belly-rubs no matter what, are some of the things I keep remembering all the time. Today, I am forcefully sitting miles away from you, thinking about you and wishing you the best of everything for years to come. May you find more caterpillars to play with, more balls to bite, more socks to chew, more of your favorite things to eat and most importantly have the best of everything in the health department.

Though I know, dad and mom will celebrate your birthday as always, I wish I could be there to watch that expression of innocent wonder which asked me the first time in awe ,”Is this entire piece of cake for me?’

I love you so much. I wish you could read and reply with your contented ‘Woof!’

Happy Birthday once again, Whisky. I don’t know what I’d have done without you.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Whisky.

  1. Aweeee….that was so so sooooooooooo CUTTTEEEEEE…but it made me cry 🙂
    It made me recall all those cute things that my pet used to do…He died young… last year in December..

    They are the most WONDERFULL treasure that adds life to Life 🙂

  2. 😥 I miss Prince and Chotu now!

    Happy birthday Whisky! Nita, I remember you saying that both Prince and Whisky looked alike (And I saw the pics too to confirm that), but they do exactly the same things too! They are like long lost bros! 😛 😀

  3. I for an Eye: Oh..I am so sorry about your pet. Yes, they are God;s gift.
    Prachi & Oink: Thanks! Will convey the wishes 😛
    Akash: Hehehe, yeah! I remember your pooches…it would be fun if Prince and Whisky get to meet up. What a time they'll have!! 😀

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